Bethesda apologizes for a nylon bag in 199 Fallout 76 CE, offering $ 5 to make money as a replacement

Kirk McKeand,
Thursday 29 November 2018 08:42 GMT

Bethesda is under fire for a fake bag that comes with the Fallout 76 Power Armor Edition.

According to the package description, $ 199 is meant to come with a canvas bag. He even has a picture of the bag and looks pretty canvas. I mean, look at this:

Now is a picture of real bags over Imgur:

To make matters worse, Bethesda Gear support workers responded to a customer complaint that the advertising bag is a "prototype" and that it would be "too expensive for it."

You can see why people are disappointed with what looks like a flashy bait and switch.

Still, controversy will not stop. Bethesda has since issued an apology. If you prove that you bought the Power Armor Edition, there is some compensation.

To make it clear, it's 500 atoms – or, as I say, it's $ 5 (£ 3.99) in pretending money. During the game, you can buy a skin that has a canvas bag. It's 700 atoms. Yes.

You can buy a virtual door for 300 Atoms, so you can buy one and a half doors if you think so.

The official device has again changed the description of the nylon bag, but the image still shows a cloth bag.

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