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Blue Jays looks for Kacy Clemens and a boyfriend battled in bar fight

Bar Houston is sued after a couple of small league baseball players were attacked by details of the lawsuit reported by KPRC.

Blue Jays Prospect Kacy Clemens and friend Conner Capel, playing in the small league system of St Louis Cardinals, were both supposedly defeated by ejectors at Concrete cowboy at the New Year.

Clemens, who is former Canadian baseman and son of former MLB jug Roger Clemens, claims that the injuries he suffered influenced his throw.

"Kacy did not start throwing this hand to see if he had the same speed and accuracy," said lawyer Randy Sorrels.

The Sorrels claim that Capel (pictured above) suffered a broken skull and that he will have to visit the neurologist every year for the next five years.

The police found no evidence that Clemens or Capel were under the influence of alcohol, the court said while one of the ejectors was arrested for the attack.

"We think Kacy and Conner have been totally free from any misconduct, and the rescuer on the other hand, the club's entire culture must be considered guilty," said Sorrels, adding that Capel was hit several times by a flashlight, resulting in his broken skull.

Clemens began his career in the short season of Single-A with Vancouver Canadians in 2017, helping them win the Northwest Leagues Championship. Last season he split into Single-A teams in Lansing and Dunedin.


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