Business espionage leads to the escape of Samsung's flagship secret display technology to China – BGR

The race, which has brought viable technology to the tipping display market, has apparently become so intense that some players are resorting to corporate spying.

Prosecutors in South Korea have accused nine people who are suspected of leaking data on Samsung's flexible display technology. According to Reuters, leaks included the sale of China's documents with relevant information of $ 13.85 million. China, of course, is the home country of Huawei, which, like Samsung in South Korea, is racing to soon bring a device with a hinged display.

In October, Huawei actually confirmed that its foldable phone will contain a screen that bends just like a 5G connection. Samsung is expected to show off its precious take-off on the Folding Smartphone in February at Mobile World Congress and make it available in March.

For Reuters, the district prosecutor's office in Suwon, South Korea, accused the Chief Executive Officer and eight employees of Toptec Co.'s supplier. Ltd. for the sale of panel panel information to Samsung this year. "The group is accused of creating a separate company that has received equipment and panel drawings from its subsidiary Samsung Samsung and sold some documents in China for $ 15.5 billion ($ 13.85 million)," the prosecutors said.

Toptec, a supplier of smartphone panels, declined charges. In her statement, the company fired: "Our company has never provided a Chinese industrial technology or business secret to Samsung Display, and our company will be fully involved in legal proceedings to find the truth in court."

Of course, Samsung said the incident caused the company to become a security technology and a secret. Reuters also noted that, according to prosecutors, Samsung Display over the past six years poured the equivalent of more than $ 133 million into the leaked technology development that the office called "National Kernel Technology."

Like Telephone Arena today points out that the ramp market will warm up early next year – in a few months in reality. And Samsung and Huawei are still the key corporate names to watch. Samsung produces its own displays while Huawei receives it from the Chinese manufacturer BOE. Regardless of whether Samsung's secrets are over, it's just another sign that competition among fold-out phone players is really wild.

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