Calgary High School vandalized graffiti targeting schoolgate officer – Calgary

When the students arrived at high school Wednesday morning, it was clear that the vandals were targeting their school.

Black graffiti covered the walls and windows throughout school property.

Students believe that the black lettering that refers to the campus and contains wort is aimed at police guards and police officers over compliance with school property rules.

"Our guards were out there and they perceive people, and that's what I think started this whole matter," said student Jaylen MacLean. "I did not expect to go that far."

The Calgary Elementary School was thwarted by racist and homophobic graffiti

It is believed that the marking was held late on Tuesday or early Wednesday morning. The Calgary Executive Council said she reported an incident to the Calgary police and immediately called for the crew to be cleansed.

"The service is disappointed that someone has focused on our school resource officer to make sure that the schools are a healthy environment for Calgary's youth," Calgary said in a statement.

"School education officers are in schools to help young mentors make good choices and help to promote a safe and healthy environment for all students." It is unfortunate that someone has chosen this approach to express their frustration rather than finding a more constructive way of solving this problem.

Some students were laughing when they pulled out their phones to take photos, but for most of the student population graffiti left them with a bad taste in their mouths.

"This is inappropriate and immature for us and is a really bad example," said Hailey Sanford.

"I think it's stupid to be honest," said another student Gabe Katkic. "It is quite disrespectful."

The incident is the latest in what seems to be more of the incidents of labeling in schools in Calgary.

Only last week was St. Clare School has been weakened by racist and homophobic graffiti, while the Douglasdale school has been identified as part of a larger vandalism that has seen the tires that have been exposed in the streets.

Tires were cut, schools marked with graffiti in southeast Calgary vandalism

But according to CBE, incidents have not increased in its schools.

"In more than 250 schools and buildings across the city, the Calgary Board of Education is commonly involved in graffiti on our site," said CBE spokesman Global News. "We have not seen the recent increase in graffiti activity."

While there is no word about the suspects, Calgary Bylaw said that whoever is responsible can face a fine between $ 2,500 to $ 5,000.

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