Calgary Stampeders rusher Don Jackson seems to have his singing

Don Jackson needed the game he had at the 21st week against B.C. Lions.

Calgary Stampeders also needed a great game from their run, but that's different.

According to his own acknowledgment, Jackson lost some confidence in the month that led to the victory of the CFL West Division of Stamp, winning the Lions on November 3.

Jackson was not bad in five games before this game, but his numbers dropped compared to earlier in the season and was honored on Thursday when the reporters asked him how his thoughts were back in the game against the Lions.

"My trust was probably not where it had to be, and when I got into this situation, I leaned on God, leaning on my teammates …" Jackson said. "All my boys were talking to me every day (they said):" You know what kind of player you are, you know what you can do. "

"My teammates kept me, I would be honest if it was not from them, I could not climb out of the hole, the attack line, the coaches … they all stayed on me to make sure I did not lose my confidence all the way."

Jackson appeared against Lion.

He put the ball 11 times at 91 yards – which is his highest since the Labor Day Classic – and recorded a landing. One of his runs, a 39-yarder, gave him more hurry than he had a whole week before he lost his mark with Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

Jackson also added two 16-yard catches showing the versatility that could be extremely useful for stamps when they try to get out of the bombers on Sunday at the McMahon Western Final at 2:30 PM, TSN / 770 CHQR.

Stampers need a big game from Jackson, and one who goes with it runs with him and does not do anything else.

"We had a nice week (21) running performance," said Dave Dickenson, head coach of Stamps. "I think we're building an offensive line and some of them require good blocking by our full-fledged and receiver-we need to play the game here or there, it's hard to sit there with three, four or five yards of profits that could sting.

"We are looking for our end-points, all three, whether it's the two who need some production, we need (run 20 meters), we need a big hold, we need some of these games to win."

It will be a bomber challenge that allowed the third fastest railway station in CFL – Signs Allowed Smallest – and limited Jackson at 46 yards to nine wears when the teams met for the first time on August 25 at the McMahon Stadium.

He then had 38 yards at eight in their second matchup in Winnipeg.

Stamps will need more on Sunday, but Jackson has appeared on the 21st week against the Lions and his numbers do not lie this season.

In his first season in the CFL, Jackson made the ball 160 times at 924 yards, the fourth-most of anyone in the league.

He proved that he belonged, and proved he could be an arbiter in the field, and that he was excited in his voice when he talked about the western final weekend of the weekend.

"We know what to do," Jackson said. "If this is not the best of you, if you do not want to play right now, then you're in a bad business. You have no reason to be here."

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