CFL: Edmonton Eskimos Jason Maas returns as head coach in 2019

With the 2018 Canadian Football League play-off set to start without them, Edmonton Eskimos brings Jason Maas as their main coach for the 2019 Canadian Football League season. On Thursday, the club confirmed what Maas announced for the first time on his weekly radio spot with Chow Coach's Show 630, Morley Scott. Eskimos also announced that Kelly Bates, quality team coordinator Dave Jackson, broad coach DJ McCarty, and defense manager Rob Payne did not come back next year. "Brock and I sat down and bothered everything," Maas said. "About eight hours we were sitting and talking about everything, and finally we came to the conclusion that I would go ahead and lead the team, I'm happy to have done it, I'm excited." In his three years with Eskimos Maas did not have a lost season, The regular season was 31-23 and 2-2 playoffs. However, after reaching the division-finals round in its first two seasons, the record 9-9, which saw them finishing last in the Western Division, excluded them from playoff claims in the season 2018, culminating in the Gray Cup final in Edmonton. And that did not do well with the fan base Eskimos, which was forced to endure the humiliation of the sitting as an insignificant game to end the season. "You are a little merciful when I listen to what each other thinks," said Maas, who was much more interested in what his players had to say, and spent two direct days with each of them. "I was open and wanted to hear all our players, I wanted feedback, and I wanted to hear how this year and how we met as a team, and how the players felt ultimately about me and the team leadership, what could I possibly do "It's an interesting process and it's something I think when you go to 9-9 and look a little for the reasons why you have a little inconsistency throughout the season – when we're good, good and when we're wrong, it's a fight, something – I thought it was a good exercise. "At the end of the day, we and Brock and I prevailed with smooth heads, I think we both listened, they learned a lot, and then we joined our heads to get ahead, and I think we both feel very convinced "Maas pointed out to his trainer coach Jordan Maksimym as a potential candidate to assume the responsibilities of an assistant coordinator – something the head coach made his first year in Edmonton – and ended again this year after Carson Walch took up work with the National Football League Philadelphia Eagles over the off-season. "I'll need some time to post this information later, but it's definitely something I've leaned on," Maas said. "I think pushing from the inside is what I will do, it will be a joint effort, as it was in the past, it will mitigate some of the duties I have on the assault side." I'm still busy, but let me move a little more around the room and more has been involved in coaching our trainers and listening to our players. "The assault coordinator is not the only role that will change as Eskimos also announced they parted with a special team co-ordinator Dave Jackson who took over after Cory McDiarmid fired on September 30, the broad receivers coach DJ McCarthy, Kelly Bates' quality assistant controller, and Rob Payne's quality control officer, Maas did not turn away from any other changes: "I'll look at everything that's going on in our team and find out," he said. But it will not happen. " One or two PUNCH Eskimis were kept out of the nominated list for the Shaw CFL 2018, which was announced on Wednesday. Despite the fact that Mike Reilly and the league leader in Duke Williams were in the league, they missed the playoff, but it was excellent. Instead, the best player who went to Reilly in 2017 is now Jeremiah Masoli's patron Calgary Stampeders Bo Levi Mitchell and Hamilton Tiger-Cats. Williams and colleague Eskimos receiver Derel Walker were named All-Stars West Division. The pair sat No. 1 and 2 overall in the reception yards before Walker was lost for the knee injury season on the Job Day. Williams, with his first star award, ended up with 1,579 yards and 11 landing ramps, while Walker won his third worldwide honors by completing five top titles in the Western Division with 875 yards, with only eight touchdown races in only 11 games. QB SIGNED While Work No. 1 for Eskimos is once again signed by Reilly, the fourth quarter was added to a new face. Jeremiah Briscoe is the double winner of the Walter Payton Award from Sam Houston, where he completed 802 of 1375 attempts at 11,849 yards, 119 landings and 35 interceptions for three seasons. Houston, who comes from Houston, is only the second player to win more than one Walter Payton award as the most offensive player in Diva. 1 Division of the Football Championship. E-mail: gmoddejonge@postmedia.comOn Twitter: @GerryModdejonge

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