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Chef David Hawksworth's comments on female cooks encourage industry

Instagram Story, which has now expired, went into the hands of chef Toronto Felicia De Rose.

The chef for Planta Burger and Chase Fish and Oyster released the Hawskworth sound clip last week, which speaks at an event where they talk about women in the culinary industry, and many of them don't like what they hear.

The chef and owner of the Vancouver Hawksworth and Nightingale restaurant attended the spring icons and innovators in 2019 on April 25, 2019 in St. Regis Toronto when the clip was uploaded.

Hawksworth was recorded to speak to why only a few women were enrolled in his prestigious scholarship program, Hawksworth Young Cook Scholarship, from 2013 to 2019.

When they asked him what it was, Hawksworth said, "It's exactly the way it got going."

"When I was in the west, there were many times when I was rolling with the whole female crew, and that was weird, but it was a great team. That was one of my best teams, "Hawksworth said. "There is no rhyme or reason."

The chef was also asked if he thought it was still difficult for women to break into the industry and said they were "probably a little smarter" to get out of it.

“I don't know if it's hard. It's a very experimental place, a very hard career. I think they are [women] they are probably a little smarter, ”Hawksworth said.

De Rose's spread spread like a fire, and women and their male supporters in the industry and beyond switched to the original Instagram snapshot, as well as on Twitter and Facebook to share a solidarity message.

A spokesman for the chef who was sent to Dished said Hawksworth had since apologized to De Rose for "off-the-cuff notes that caused insult", and assures him that there is no prejudice against women.

"He employed, worked side by side, and pushed many extremely talented women throughout his career and continues to do so," the statement says.

David Hawksworth

@ cheffelifrowns / Instagram

David Hawksworth

@ cheffelifrowns / Instagram

David Hawksworth

@ cheffelifrowns / Instagram

David Hawksworth

@ cheffelifrowns / Instagram

Here is a complete statement to Dished by Chef David Hawksworth:

Chef David Hawksworth would like to categorically say he is not, or has never been, a prejudice against women. During his career, he has employed, collaborated and promoted many extremely talented women, and continues to do so.

Chef Hawksworth responded directly to Chef Felicia De Rose via Instagram and apologized for the notes that caused the offense, none was designated.

Chef Hawksworth has agreed to speak on a panel at the Toronto Industrial Breakfast to promote industry and promote the Hawksworth Young Chef Foundation's Foundation Foundation, which he has created to inspire and educate young talents – men and women – through recognition, financial support, and community , a project he has committed countless hours over the past seven years.

While the ratio of female and male candidates is not something to control, Chef Hawksworth has always provided a strong female presence to the jury, celebrating models such as Connie DeSous, Lynn Crawford, Jackie Ellis, Sarah Musgrave, Mijune Pak and Anna Olsen, who provided support.

As employer Chef Hawksworth evaluates women in a number of senior positions throughout the group, Development Chef, Stephanie Noel is one such example, Noel first worked for Chef Hawksworth 18 years ago as a young cook in the West, quoting Chef Hawksworth as a mentor and friend, someone, who encouraged her to travel around the world and taste that made her work in restaurants with Michelin stars and someone who has a huge impact on her career.

Chef Hawksworth assured all employees of their value for the team and recognized the challenges they face in hard industry, thanking them for their commitment and a common passion for industry.

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