Cleveland Cavaliers, who remain out of their NBA World Cup list in 2016, try to keep their head straight when the team is gutted from the inside out. No one said that it would be easy to trick, but Kyle Korver's trade with Utah Jazz seems to scale out more than anyone would have predicted. The Korver was eventually wrapped up consisting of two second rounds and Guard Alec Burks.

According to Athletic Joe Vardon, they were visibly frustrated at learning the business. Not only were they frustrated that they lost friendship, which is probably the harsh reality they expect. The players were most "upset", probably those who did not like running on the face, they decided to float the season (unofficially). Vardon reports that more than one player in the schedule has expressed his frustration by losing the best team shooter. Tristan Thompson was one of the few players who were determined to talk to the press.

"At the end of the day, it's a business and someone can move," said Tristan Thompson to Vardon. "If the business is right and added, then someone can move if you do not have a non-trading clause. I do not know who it is, so the only two men in the NBA safe are Bron and Steph Curry" Everybody else, you can to be moved. "Cavas play Raptors tomorrow without their Ashton Kutcher-clone, in the game they are almost certain to lose.