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Conception Bay Bypass "love bill" is not a bit, says Local | News

On another humiliating section of the road leading to the Conceptual Gulf in the south, there are three ten feet of 20-foot billboards blunted in large white letters with an obvious message of love.

"KR loves Sonia," marked the sign, "loves" the heart.

Who KR and Sonia are, however, remains a mystery.

"I mean, and I tried to let them do it, but they will not let me." – Phil Quann

Billboard company Pattison is a mom on the details.

The telegram has been requested by the Sales Representative of St. Jana Phil Quann, whether he is a person with the initials of K.R. who loves someone named Sonia.

Quann said it's more than a story – but it does not provide specifics, and claims that the client does not want to post any information.

"I wish I could tell you," he said.

"I want to say it, and I tried to let them do it, but it will not let me."

Speaking of the billboard person, Quann interchangeably described the person as "he" and "they", although he told Telegram that he could not confirm the gender of K.R.

Pattison is general manager of the Atlantic region, Sherry Kirwin, confirmed billboards are not Pattison advertising a piece.

"It's real – somebody contacted us to book space and helped them make a report," she said.

"He's a real person who touches another real person."

According to Quann estimates, this report is anywhere from $ 1,000 to $ 1,600 per tablet per month and said three billboards were built from sometime in November. This means that the one who is behind billboards probably has already spent somewhere in the range of $ 10,000.

Quann said he never talked directly to the person who actually is billboards.

"I do not even know his name, which is really fun because he has these billboards up – I really do not know," Quann laughed.

"He should call someone to book a deck, so I knew nothing about him, and at that time the one who knew him said he could not give it any information-it's just a personal message for someone.

"I only know he called me and said they wanted to put these particular words on board, and when we booked it, we did not even know if it was something we were allowed to do."

"He – or she who is it – does not want to relax what it is about." – Quann

Quann said he called his boss, who said the company was fine with that news until it hurt anyone.

Quann said he doubted K.R. will ever publicly reveal the story behind billboards.

"He – or she, whoever it is – does not want to say what it is about."

The telegram asked if Sonia even knew this mysterious K.R. person.

"I do not know, but I suppose … I hope so," Quann laughed. "I feel that if they did not know who he was or if it was something they did not want, then someone would call me and ask me to do it."

Billboards remain in place until the client's secret is asked to be removed, or until someone else places space.

It is not the first love billboard that Pattison has built.

"A few years ago we actually had a personal billboard ad in Halifax," Kirwin said. "Someone used a billboard similar to a personal advertisement in paper, it was like" one white woman who was looking for, "so there's a lot of attention."

However, Halifax billboards can have these K.R. She loves Sonia billboards. Quann breathed a breath and laughed as he asked how many people had turned to them about the company. He said the requests for information were "numerous".

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