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"Daredevil" Star Charlie Cox has complex feelings in the final season

Third season Daredevil is one of the highest rated exhibitions in 2018, but unfortunately it is also the last of the series.

Netflix made a surprising decision to cancel the Marvel TV series, triggering a response from fans who have since begun serving petitions to secure the series. But now that the concert is over, serial star Charlie Cox is able to reflect his three seasons. While speaking at ACE Comic Con in Phoenix, the actor revealed his thoughts Daredevilends.

"At present I have very complex feelings Daredevil, "Cox admitted." It just means that I'm so proud of the last season we had, and I'm so excited about the reaction she had. And it is a bit weird to us that we do not have to go on with the reaction we have had since the last season. In many ways, I'm so happy we have to end up with such a high note. And who knows if he already exists? Daredevil to come to the future, I'm sure he will be in some position. But right now he's a little bit happy and sad. "

Cox had previously spoken about canceling the Entertainment Weekly series and regretted that he had suddenly ended Daredevil and how it all got under guard.

"Many of us really expected to continue, and I certainly did," Cox said. "The truth is, I felt we had a lot of stories, and even though I understand [the cancellation], I am very sad.

"It's how business works, but also these characters mean a lot to the people, it's strange that I think I'll never play Matt Murdock anymore, that's a bizarre feeling because that character was so huge in my life for the last four and half a year. "

His last remarks at ACE came back when he called Daredevil "dream work."

"I love it It's just an incredible job for me It's so fun to do everything it does, of course, that's great, but then it's really a fun physical aspect with all the pieces and a martial choreographer," Cox added.

After pressing details of possible plans for Season 4, the actor refused to fly the beans in the hope that the story would eventually rise up the road.

"I hate to be boring, but to be honest, I do not think I should answer," Cox said. "It's so new that it's pretty painful for a lot of people. I was really excited about the ideas that were talked about in the 4th season, and I think if I had to save it and go to the Internet it might not be very useful for people … Anything I say often gets up and distributes, and I want to make sure I do not give any false hopes. "

While Daredevil is canceled, fans can catch Punitive after premieres at Netflix on January 18th.

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