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DJI goes into pocket size for his latest giant – TechCrunch

Hand held cardans are largely driven by professionals. But DJI is trying to change things with an ultra-portable take on its popular Osmo line. Osmo Pocket is a four-inch version of the camera stabilizer that can either be connected to the iPhone or used as a stand alone.

For $ 349 it's not very cheap – in fact, it's about twice as much as Osmo Mobile 2 currently uses on Amazon. This is partly due to the inclusion of a 1 inch diagonal touchscreen that allows you to capture videos without an external camera. Of course, it can also be used in combination with an iPhone or Android device using a light or USB-C dongle.

I suspect that prices will hamper the ability of the product to reach more ordinary audiences – especially with all the things that users can currently achieve only with the iPhone. The Pocket, however, contains impressive technologies and DJI modes that allow you to get some nice videos.

The device can actively recognize and watch the image with a few clicks. FaceTrack, time-lapse, FPV, selfie, and panorama functions are also available. For fast, production-quality images, there are a number of different picture modes, similar to those of Mavic's company. The story mode includes 10 templates and Pro mode gives shooters a wide range of controls in the final slide.

Kardan has three-axis stabilization to provide stable images while the camera can capture 12 megapixel and 4k video frames up to 60 frames per second.

I had the opportunity to play a bit with this device before today's announcement and found it to be quite intuitive. We will get more time with the Cardan in the near future and hopefully we get some more insight into what justifies the $ 350. For now, it seems to be disproportionately expensive for a product that apparently tries to slip out just in time for a holiday.

It's a strong price tag for a product that will surely make some very cool Instagram stories – but I'm more than happy to be wrong here. The company will be offering a number of different accessories that will make Osmo a little bit more diverse, including a waterproof case and an action camera, so it can double as something like GoPro. There is also a wireless charging case that extends the battery for about two hours.

Osmo Pocket is available through DJI for pre-order today and will ship on December 15th.

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