Dubai police will take the first hoverbike for training

hoverbike S3

More than a year ago, Hoversurf showed a four-engine flying motorcycle that most people dismissed as vaporware, but on Thursday CNN announced the first units were used for training in the Dubai Police Department. Production version Hoverbike S3 is mostly carbon fiber, weighs 253 pounds, has a maximum speed of 60 mph and can stay up for nearly 30 minutes for a fee. The good news is that you can also swim or walk 16 feet above the traffic, park and get out of the normal parking space, and the FAA said you do not need a pilot license. But you'll need $ 150,000 to blow a hole.

This number may not be so impressive, but it is the motorcycle that is flying, which is just for sale right now! Also last year they increased their maximum speeds from 45 mph and sailing from 20 minutes. Hoversurf is hard to work on more efficient battery and power systems. The Hoverbike S4 model is a fan system that not only delivers more power for less power but is quieter and safer than a carbon fiber propeller that turns just a few feet away from the rider (Some pictures show safety cages around them, but mostly not).

Hoverbike S3 4

You can question logic behind the police department, which has spent $ 150,000 on a very limited flying bike, but it is the same police force that uses Bentleys, Bugattis and other exotic patrol cars. At least the flying motorcycle will be useful for transporting the first respondents into rough rural areas where Mercedes G-wagen can not get (after being pulled as close as possible to the same Mercedes).

Chief of Army Intelligence at Dubai Police Force, Brigadier General Khalid Nasser Alrazooqi, who of course treats other advanced technologies, is currently training two teams to control the hovering cycle. Although Hoversurf currently only has one hoverbike, Dubai has an exclusive agreement with the rights to as many of the first production units as they would like. The California-based company, with Russian financial and principal officers, is currently looking for a place to start a factory and consider Dubai.

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