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Ex-MLA gets 3 years in prison – Canada News

11 January 2019 / 16:30 | Story:

Three people were killed and 23 wounded when an April city bus broke the transit sanctuary in Ottawa on Friday afternoon, says Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson.

The fall was west of the center at 15:50, at the beginning of the peak rush. The bus headed for Kanata, the outlying suburb of Ottawa, Watson said at an evening press conference at the Town Hall.

Two of the dead went to the bus; one was on the platform at Westboro Station, the main street stop, Watson said.

Trauma Center at the Ottawa Hospital said nine patients were "in critical condition" since the collision.

The photos posted on Twitter showed extensive damage to the front of the bus, with the roof housed in the second deck of the vehicle.

"Most of the serious injuries were on the right side of the bus," said Charles Bordeleau, head of the Ottawa police. "I want to express my sorrow and sympathy for the police service from Ottawa and other rescue services."

He said the police are still investigating the cause of the crash. The bus driver was "detained on the spot and will be questioned at our police station," Bordeleau said.

"It will be a long investigation," he said.


| Story:

A young woman says it was good to see a former politician who touched her sexually when a child was taken out of a court in Alberta to start a three-year prison sentence.

Don MacIntyre, 63, resigned to conservative MLA in February last year after being charged with sexual interference and sexual assault.

On Friday, he charged with the first charge in Red Deer and the other charges were withdrawn.

"He has always been in a position of strength, and it is so good to see that it has taken away," she told victims who could not be identified.

She said she was looking forward to university and lived in her normal life. She also said that she could move forward happier, safer and safer.

"I know there was a court system in the end and I do not have to worry."

A consistent statement of the facts that appeared in the court said that MacIntyre had sexually touched the victims with part of their body in 2010 and 2011.

Touching happened between five and ten times when she was a 10-year-old girl. She told her mother in 2015.

"He told her that God said that God is fine with touch," he said, adding that the victim felt depressed and had suicidal thoughts.

The Court heard that MacIntyre apologized after the attack, asked for forgiveness, and said it was part of "Satan's plan to destroy the sacrifice of faith."

A victim with two family members standing behind her called the court that she sometimes thought she imagined things or that it was her fault. When MacIntyre finally apologized, "I was so relaxed that I did not lose my mind," she said.

She described how the abuse had caused her to give up the creative entertainment she loved, to give her nightmares and to drive her to her stomach.

She said she was still angry. "I leave this anger I have for him in the grave."

Crown demanded a prison sentence of three to three and a half years, while MacIntyre lawyer asked for two years.

MacIntyre has apologized to the victims of the prison box for the "pain and anxiety" he caused.

He needed her life, "whole, healthy, and happy."

MacIntyre featured Central Alberta's headquarters, Lake Innisfail-Sylvan, for the United Conservative Party.

He was first elected in 2015 for the Wildrose Party, which served with the Progressive Conservatives in 2017 to form United Conservatives.

The United Conservative Club released a MacIntyre judgment on Friday.

"We hope that this disgusting individual will face the full extent of the law in condemning his courageous crime. Our thoughts remain with the victim and all those who are affected at this time."

11 January 2019 / 3:39 pm | Story:

The news that Caroline Neron's celebrity jeweler in Quebec has filed a proposal to protect against bankruptcy Thursday highlights the harsh light of the quality of the stars selected for the French version of the French version of "Dragon's Day".

Neron described the news media as a "storm" in the retail sector in Quebec, and questioned her ability to assess business talent for "Dans l'oeil du dragon". The exhibition is a prominent entrepreneur who decides whether to invest in the courses of starting entrepreneurs.

Francois Lambert, a former panelist at the exhibition, said French CBC does not require its future stars to reveal their wealth or to show they have time and liquidity to invest properly in start-ups.

"They never asked to see my numbers," Lambert said in an interview. "They can ask to see numbers, but not because they never did it with me, and this week it exploded in their faces."

Another unpleasant decision to play the role of a dragon is Gilbert Rozon, the disgusting founder of Just for Laughs who faces charges of sexual crimes, and Martin-Luc Archambault who stepped out of the cloud in September. An investigation by the Commissioner for Personal Data Protection in Canada revealed that his company violated a number of provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act and electronic documents.

Lambert has co-founded Aheeva Technology Inc., a call center software provider in 75 countries, and says it has invested in 10 companies, including a three-year startup called Boostmi on-demand applications.

The businessman said that little research would have to worry about Rozon and Archambault, claiming that there were other people with whom he appeared who did not belong to the show. Radio-Canada should look for candidates who have money and who have sold a business, he said.

"We're doing business, actually, when we sell it," Lambert said. "I just sold my business when they asked me to be at the show … I was not a cheater and I had my place. You become a dragon when you finished your company and you have time to invest and apply your recipe for success others. "

Marc Pichette, a radio spokesman in Canada, said that public service broadcasters and show-makers "conduct a basic review of the request based on information provided in good faith as a potential dragon."

He added that when he was at the Rozon exhibition in 2016, he was an internationally acclaimed figure chosen by the City of Montreal in 2017 as Commissioner for his 375th anniversary.

Montreal La Presse announced on Friday that he had contacted all eight businessmen with whom Neron entered into a contract for the last season of the exhibition that ended in June 2018. None of them received any money from jewelry. Neron left the show in December.

During an interview with TVA TV network on Thursday, Neron said he was closing 9 out of 14 boutiques in the province and leaving 64 of 152 employees.

In Quebec she became an important singer and actress. Michel Nadeau, the think tank manager on public and private companies, said the Neron brand was strong in Quebec and was one of the few people to name the jewelry market.

"It was one of those rare companies in the jewelry and crafts and craft industries that managed to make a mark in the industry – managed," Nadeau said. "He's very, very present on television and radio." The problem was that it grew too fast, he said, investing too much in retail and small boutiques in extremely expensive rental centers.

Lambert, who was not invited back to the upcoming Dance l'oeil du dragon season, said that Neron's story should serve as a lesson for all entrepreneurs "who are spreading and doing everything and everything instead of leading their own company. "


January 11, 2019 / 11:30 | Story:

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says Canada has granted asylum to a Saudi woman who has fled her family from alleged abuse and has been hidden in Thailand.

Rahaf Mohammed Alqunun, 18, was stopped last Saturday at an airport in Bangkok by the immigration police, who refused to enter her and grabbed her passport.

She stuck in the hotel room at the airport and launched a social media campaign that caught her attention.

Trudeau states that the United Nations High Commission for Refugees has asked Canada to accept Alqunun as a refugee and Canada was accepted.

"This is something that makes us happy because Canada is a country that understands how important it is to become human rights, to stand up for women's rights around the world," said Trudeau at a press conference in Queen.

Alqunun's case highlights the cause of women's rights in Saudi Arabia.

Several Saudi women who have fled the abuse of their families have been trapped in search for asylum abroad and returned home for the past few years.

Canada with Alqunun could further disrupt Saudi-Canadian relations.

In August, Saudi Arabia announced the Canadian Ambassador to the Kingdom and stepped down from its own ambassador after the Canadian Foreign Ministry drew the support of activists for the rights of women arrested. The Saudis also sold Canadian investments and ordered their students to leave in Canada.

Alqunun already said on Twitter that she wanted to seek shelter in Australia.

Australian Foreign Minister Marise Payne met with senior Thai officials in Bangkok on Thursday. Later, she said Australia considers Alqunun's request for resettlement.

11 January 2019 / 7:19 pm | Story:

The Supreme Court of Canada ruled that the law limiting voting rights for long-term expats over the last 25 years was unconstitutional.

In today's judgment, the High Court said the restriction could not be justified.

The court said the idea of ​​electoral justice advocated by the government was unclear.

The case was brought by two Canadians who lived for years in the United States.

They have maintained the 1993 Act, which has expelled foreign displacement for more than five years from voting, violated their right to a charter.

Liberal government abolished the ban last month, but a lengthy process has continued.

More coming.

January 11, 2019 / 5:32 | Story:

Banks are bankrupt, Canada's bank chief said this week, and expects to increase as the central bank continues to raise interest rates.

Governor Stephen Poloz said he can hear how difficult borrowing costs can be directly from people who feel pain.

"We are deeply aware that our decisions affect everyone – affecting the financial prosperity of everyone, and many Canadians carry a high debt burden," Poloz told reporters Wednesday after holding the bank's key interest rate at 1.75 percent. "I do not have to work hard to remind myself. I get daily correspondence from people who explain to me what their situation is."

According to Bank, Poloz reacts personally to emails and letters addressed to the public. For example, last year, about 200 people joined it. The most common topics of the report are the state of the Canadian economy, inflation and interest rates, the bank spokesman said. If they are not abusive and contain addresses, they will return them.

Poloz's decision to stay unchanged this week is likely to be just a pause on the bank's tour, as the country is addressing what he described as temporary economic barriers to a sharp fall in oil prices.

The central bank will continue to raise rates as soon as Canada passes a soft patch and the economy puts a new momentum, he said. A stronger economy has encouraged Poloz to raise its rate five times since mid-2017 to keep inflation too high.

In recent months, however, the number of Canadians who have experienced financial difficulties has risen. Insolvencies have seen a slight increase for almost a decade to a very low level. After a long period of cheap loans, Canadians have accumulated record debt.

"As for bankruptcy statistics, I understand they have risen," Poloz said when he asked for the latest data. "My understanding of the data points is that they are raised from an extremely low level, so at some point there are always a number of unfortunate people who can lose their jobs, or what you have and go through.

"And it was not surprising to see things when interest rates grew."

Poloz added that the bank is deliberately very cautious and very gradual in tourism, while people reminiscent of the low-end era will not last.

The Bank of Canada said it would be likely to continue increasing its tendency until it reached the so-called "Neutral" level between 2.5 and 3.5 percent. This would mean between three and seven other quarter trips.

10 January 2019 / 11:51 h | Story:

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will focus Monday on a cabinet that will address the demise of President Treasury Board Scott Brison, a press conference said on Thursday.

Brison announced on Thursday morning he would not try to vote again in the autumn because he wants to spend more time on his family. He said he would stop working before, because the government is best served by ministers who are running again.

Trudeau said he respected Brison's decision to leave to spend time with his young twins.

"Apparently it will require some changes in our cabinet and that's something we'll report on Monday," he told reporters during a tour of a new building at the Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops, BC.

Trudeau refused to be drawn on whether he plans a small shuffle just to replace Brison or bigger with more minister changing portfolios.

As the Chairman of the Treasury Department (and the Minister responsible for the Digital Government), Brison is responsible for having a public purse and overseeing the federal public service. The portfolio is not crazy, but it can cause great headaches for the government if it's wrong.

"His thinking, the ability to understand how best to deliver programming, the ability to understand Canadians through many multi-year services has been extremely valuable around the cabinet," said Trudeau.

Brison was the face of a liberal government in Nova Scotia, where the party gained each seat in 2015. But also approaching the story of Deputy Admiral Mark Norman, who faces the lawsuit for allegations of allegiance to the allegations, escaped secrecy in support of the shipbuilding contract. Norman's case is scheduled to begin at the end of this summer, as well as an October 21 election campaign.

Brison has been accused of pressure on the newly ruined Trudeau government in 2015 to suspend a $ 700 million new supply ship plan, a step which, according to RCMP, has encouraged Norman to escape the secret of Davie Shipbuilding to Quebec, restarting the project.

Brison told the Chamber of Deputies that he was simply acting as President of the Treasury Board, who was trying to ensure that taxpayers gained good value for the ship's contract.

Brison denied the accusations sent by lawyers to Norman, and repeated opposition MPs lobbying for Irving Shipbuilding in Halifax, who wanted the Liberals to abolish the Davie deal, instead of ordering Irving's offer for delivery.

10 January 2019 / 10:10 hrs | Story:

The Canadian Refugee Agency estimates that it will need twice the amount of money it will ultimately get to deal with the large unresolved number of asylum applications partly due to the influx of illegal migrants.

Documents obtained under the Access to Information Act show that the Immigration and Refuge Board proposed cost estimates in November 2017, indicating that they will need $ 140 million a year and an additional 40 million one-off costs to complete 36,000 other refugees each year.

This is how many cases the board should complete in order to reduce the number of pending cases and also meet the current reception of new asylum applications.

Finally, the government has allocated an IRB budget of $ 74 million to the IRB during the federal budget last year to prevent the unresolved problems of refugees in Canada currently reaching more than 64,000 people.

The IRB in the documents states that the amount will not be enough to complete outstanding claims over two years and that a longer term strategy is needed to address this problem.

Documents also show that claimants have raised worries about hard work, their salary problems as a result of Phoenix's payment system, and have urged leadership when the inflow of receivables is seen as a crisis.

January 10, 2019 / 8:07 | Story:

Cannon vendor of New Brunswick refuses employees, said he has a better understanding of "operating needs" three months after the historic legalization of recreational marijuana.

Cannabis said that most redundancies involve people with seasonal contracts, but some are part-time or full-time employees.

Speaker Marie-Andree Bolduc said on Thursday that despite the supply challenges, the operations had normalized to 20 stores and now they understand the needs of each store.

She said that this step is typical of new retail operations and in line with the need for "long-term fiscal responsibility".

Under the former liberal government, legalized cannabis has become a green gold in New Brunswick – a chance for profits and the creation of production and retail jobs with a community college program developed for cannabis technicians.

In his statement, Bolduc did not immediately confirm the number of those released.

"In preparing for the launch of the new legal cannabis industry, Cannabis NB has endeavored to ensure that a well-trained and qualified team is built that is large enough to create retail locations, complete work schedules, and provide the right customer experience of demand-based education, "she said.

"Teams and roles have been structured to allow flexibility in delivering the necessary customer experience and drive the expectation that shop staff may change upon startup."

Bolduc said he would release quarterly sales figures at the end of January.

10 January 2019 / 7:00 am | Story:

Ti-Anna Wang was one pass mark before she saw her imprisoned father in a Chinese prison before her dream was again fragmented.

On Wednesday, a woman in Montreal arrived in southern China where her father, Wang Bingzhang – considered the father of a Chinese unhappy international pro-democracy movement – was imprisoned because her Chinese agents attacked her in Vietnam in 2002 and taken her back to the People's Republic.

Her eleven-month-old daughter was chained to her parrot-style body and her husband was on her side. Wang's passport included a new Chinese visa, something he had been denied for 10 years. But that was not enough.

Her daughter and wife were considered free to enter China. But it was not. It began six hours of patience to see Wang and her family locked in the airport detention area before they could be sent to the nearby South Korean island for the next available flight.

"I can not really say disappointment, because it's so overwhelming," Wang said on the phone from the South Korean island of Jeju.

Wang said she was aware of the risks associated with traveling to China after last month's imprisonment of Kanair's colleagues, Michael Kovrigg and Michael Spavre, which seems to be a retaliation for the arrest of Canada as the prominent Chinese head of Meng Wanzhou. But she was determined to make her way because she would never have the chance to see her father again, and she thinks that the look of his new granddaughter can amplify his reassuring spirit.

For many years Wang has been pushing the Canadian government to work to free her father. It does not matter: while he is a Canadian citizen, he is not, despite a strong historical connection with Canada.

Wang Bingzhang was one of the first generation of Chinese students who came to Canada and earned a Doctorate from McGill University. While he planted Canadian roots in Montreal, including children who would become citizens. His exposure to democracy has created the hope of bringing him to his native country.

Ti-Anna was born in 1989, the year when the Chinese army killed a student protest at a massacre at Tiananmen Square, and he named her in honor of the fallen.

His kidnapping and the widely-impoverished trial in China in 2002 brought him a place on the dubious list of 16 political prisoners that Amnesty International has called on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to defend during his latest trip to China in 2017. The list also included Huseyin Celil, a defendant of Chinese persecuted Ugur communities in southern Ontario, who received a life sentence in 2007.

When Wang's father was arrested, she was a teenager. She has now become a vocal activist for human rights and has been harassed by Chinese officials during a United Nations speech. She married and had her first child last February, girl.

Wang said she had stopped pushing the Canadian government to do more for her father and therefore asked Global Affairs Canada to focus on something specific – urging China to grant her a visa whose activism prevented her from gaining in 2009.

In August, she received the word that the visa would be granted. She does not know how and why, but she was grateful for the government's efforts. With a new daughter and husband studying at the university, they plan to travel in January in January.

Then, Mengo was arrested on December 1, followed by the arrest of Spavor and Kovriga.

"They (global affairs) said they would not tell us not to go, but just say they think I'm someone who could be vulnerable in this situation," she said.

So she and her husband decided that a trip to China – just 48 hours – would continue – and global affairs said they would be accompanied by a diplomat in China. Wang and her husband traveled to South Korea early January to stay with their relatives before returning to China.

They called the Chinese prison office to report that they were coming. They landed in Hangzhou and planned to travel to Guangzhou, where her father was imprisoned. Then they hit the wall.

"I feel like they are waiting for me because a border agent communicated with another agent and said something like," That's her. ""

She and her daughter moved to the small room of the police, where they spent another hour with the officers always with them before meeting them again with their husband.

They spent six hours there before the husband could buy tickets for the late night flight to Jeju.

Before her departure, her child became restless, wept and wept and wanted to get out of my carrier. The police told her she would not allow her to crawl on the dirty floor, but Wang had to let her out. Her daughter's mood improved and began to enchant the police.

"I feel really bad when I got it, but I think she's in a very moody mood, my daughter's pretty social and smiley."

These smiles, however, were for Wang's father, who spent most of his time in isolation jail, with poor health, including stroke, asthma, and inflammation in his legs.

Wang said it was terrible to think about what Kovrig and Spavor insisted on, but he had mixed feelings.

"Cases that caused me to be a little sad because I know it means my father's case can not be a priority," she said. "When the Canadian government negotiates these issues with the Chinese, they can not ask too much about it every time."

January 10, 2019 / 6:55 | Story:

UPDATE 7:45 am

Scott Brison leaves the political career he loves to spend more time with his beloved family policy.

After 22 years of introducing Nova Scotia to Kings-Hants – initially as a progressive conservative MP before the Liberal Jump in 2003 – Brison told Canadian Press that it was time to change. He decided not to pursue a re-election this autumn.

He is not sure whether he will remain a Liberal MP until the October 21 vote, but will soon resign from the Cabinet of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, where he is acting as Chairman of the Treasury Board.

"I informed the Prime Minister that I was not running, but I also told him I wanted to give up my Cabinet's responsibilities in good time and to support the transition to a new minister," Brison said in an interview. "My personal opinion is that the prime minister and the government best serve ministers to lead the next election."

He said he is announcing that he will now decide to give the liberals time to rival a competition to choose who will wear the party banner in the next election.

Brison's departure will cause at least a small shuffle in the closet, though there is speculation that Trudeau will make bigger changes on his front bench next week to get to the fight with trim for the October 21 vote.

In an era of growing cynicism about politics, Brison is passionate about changing the lives of people.

"I believe now more than ever before that the government depends on the fact that parliamentarians have a matter and that politics is interested. There is no area of ​​work where you could make more difference in people's lives," he said.

So why leave the political break that she obviously loves? He offered three reasons.

"They say life starts at 50. Well, I'm 51 and I'm ready for new challenges," he said, adding that he would probably return to the business where he once worked as an investment banker.

ORIGINAL 6:55 am

Scott Brison resigned from the Cabinet of Prime Minister Justina Trudeau after deciding not to take this year. After 22 years of Kings-Hants in Nova Scotia, Brison says he is ready for change and is pleased to spend more time with four-year-olds.

More coming

January 9, 2019 / 3:23 am | Story:

The footage of a police officer in southern Alberta, who repeatedly ran through a wounded deer with his service vehicle, challenged his shooting and investigating the cruelty of the animals.

Investigators say the disruptive video has triggered an enormous number of complaints to the police and animal welfare agencies, and there are reports that the officer is facing death threats.

Police Lethbridge said the officer on Saturday tried to euthanize the animal with his truck and ride several times over the deer while he was still alive.

The Toronto-based Animal Justice group calls on Alberta a police officer to investigate whether an officer should be charged with criminal offenses.

Lethbridge Police Says Alberta Serious Incident Response Team is rethinking what happened, along with Alberta Fish and Wildlife and Alberta SPCA.

The Change.org petition calls on the officer who remains in the active service to be released.

"It's inhuman and disgusting," writes the petition. "This officer should no longer be part of the police department for inappropriate acts!

"He will sign this petition to make it clear to the police department that the officer should be released!"

Lawyer Camille Labchuk, Executive Director of Animal Justice, said the police are not above the law, and the abuse of animals by the officer has to be taken seriously.

"There is no doubt that this bad deer has suffered enormously, while the officer repeatedly fleeing it with a heavy truck," Labcuk said on Wednesday.

"It's heartbreaking to watch the video and hear her shouting out of pain when the vehicle touches it again and again."

Lethbridge Police will ask anyone who has witnessed or recorded what happened to contact the investigator.

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