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Facebook users are still growing despite private scandals

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Facebook users have continued to grow despite a number of privacy and criticism scandals regarding attempts to stop toxic content.

The social media giant said the number of people who logged on their site at least once a month jumped 9 percent to 2.32 billion last year.

Concerns about scandals that the company may postpone have also proved to be unjustified, with annual returns rising by 30% last year.

This increase has been recorded despite campaigns that have called on people to avoid a technology giant.

Founder Mark Zuckerberg said the company "has fundamentally changed how we drive society to focus on the biggest social problems."

Strong financial performance comes in the face of continuing concerns about how the social media company processes personal data and user privacy after the Cambridge Analytica data sharing scandal, and fears that the network has been used as a policy tool.

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Since July, company shares have lost almost a third of their value by warning of a slowdown in revenue growth and remaining at almost two-year levels.

But in trading hours they exceeded 9% when profits and revenues beat the analyst's forecasts.

Facebook's overall profit for 2018 was $ 22.1 billion, an increase of 39% in 2017.

User growth was particularly strong in India, Indonesia and the Philippines, but it was flat in the US and Canada.

George Salmon, an analyst at Hargreaves Lansdown, said the increase in Facebook revenue in the last three months of the year was the weakest since its launch in the US in 2012, but said the data is still "reassuring."

"Only time will show whether Mark Zuckerberg's ambitious plans for the Facebook revolution will pay off, but these results will go a long way to gaining Wall Street confidence – analysts were nervous after the turbulent 2018, which included testing and tribulation of the Cambridge Analytica scandal and the renewal of the strategy, he added.

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