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Ford announces plans to build electric and autonomous cars in Michigan

Ford electric SUV concept

Posted on March 21, 2019 |
Steve Hanley

March 21, 2019 according to Steve Hanley

On March 20, Ford announced that it would invest $ 850 million to prepare its iconic Flat Rock assembly plant for electric vehicle batteries. He says he will spend another $ 50 million on equipment for an autonomous vehicle factory. Flat Rock is currently manufactured by Ford Mustangs and Lincoln Continentals. The company says electric cars production will start in 2023 and add 900 jobs to the company's wages.

Ford Electric SUV Concept "srcset =" https://cleantechnica.com/files/2019/03/Ford-Electric-SUV-Concept.png 1337w, https://cleantechnica.com/files/2019/03/Ford-Electric -SUV-Concept-270x96.png 270w, https://cleantechnica.com/files/2019/03/Ford-Electric-SUV-Concept-768x272.png 768w, https://cleantechnica.com/files/2019/03 / Ford-Electric-SUV-Concept-570x202.png 570w, https://cleantechnica.com/files/2019/03/Ford-Electric-SUV-Concept-620x220.png 620w "size =" (max. Width: 1337px ) 100vw, 1337px

It's not the first time Ford has announced that it plans to invest in Flat Rock's ability to produce next-generation vehicles CNN. In January 2017, it said it would invest $ 700 million in the plant to build electric and road vehicles, which would mean 700 jobs.

CleanTechnica readers are now very familiar with traditional car manufacturers with high demands, followed by years of inactivity. The truth is that Ford did not provide any information about what kind of electric car he plans to build in Michigan. Designing to build EV in 4 years is a bit like Wimpy, a crippled cartoon character of Popeye's glory promising: "I'll be happy to pay you a cheeseburger today."

What we know is that Ford will launch its line-up of electric vehicles with an SUV theoretically inspired by the Mustang. What a famous pony car does with SUV boxes is anyone. The car, which has not yet been named, should be introduced at about the same time as the newly announced Tesla Model Y crossover SUV.

The company says it will be "sports", which means, and will have a range of 300 miles. Some industry observers think that Ford will be named Model E. If true, Elon Musk will be one unfortunate colleague because he wants to this designation was for himself, but he did not make fast enough to secure the right to the name.

Ford of Americas president Joe Hinrichs said this week, "The company is moving rapidly towards producing what it previously described as a Mustang-inspired all-electric SUV that will be in showrooms next year, at about the same time Tesla will begin shipping the first Y battery model In fact, Ford coyles tweeted this statement of wits just a moment before the Y model: "Hold the horse."

We know that instead of being built in the US, the car will be assembled at the Ford factory in Cuautitl√°n, Mexico. Engine 1. Ford also announced this week that it will add an undisclosed amount of jobs and investment dollars to the Hermosillo plant in Mexico, where it will build the next generation of Transit Connect supplies by 2021.

After the 2016 elections, businesses were shaking with fear of Trump's anger appearing on Twitter. Today, he says New York Times they simply ignore his pompous wasteland and make business decisions based on economic principles rather ridicule and threats from the alleged president.

Will US consumers make sure that an SUV – electric or other – is built south of the border by a collection of drug dealers, murderers and rapists? Probably not if the price is correct. Will it really be a real Y competitor? "We'll see," said the Zen Master.

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