From Grimes to Elon, with love

Here's a brief tutorial on how the context works. Today Grimes released a music video for a new song called "We Appreciate Power," her first solo track recorded over several years. According to the press release, "We appreciate the power" is "written from the point of view of the Pro-AI Girl Group Propaganda Machine that uses songs, dance, sex and fashion to spread goodwill to artificial intelligence (whether you want it or not). AI overlords will see you have backed up their message, and you're less likely to delete your offspring. "In the Grimes video and the synth-pop musician HANA (which appears on the track) styled as fake members of the robot girls' group, they are thrown in mood lighting , when the vampire against cyberpunk backdrops, sandy grainy texts blink against the screen.

"We appreciate strength" is also the first song by Grimes (the real name Claire Boucher), who was released from her relationship with the mega-billionaire inventor Elon Musk. Musk was unbeatable in the 2018 news cycle: an insignificant reference to a British diver as a pedophile who was forced to resign as the chairman of the Tesla car company for a bad tweet that appeared on Joe Rogan's smoke-killing podcast among many unexplained things. Boucher was also permanently involved in Musketease, criticizing him for defending him against charges of anti-unionism and getting into hell, frankly fictitious misery that included rapper Azealia Banks, who shared a pile of ruddy gossip about his relationship.

"We appreciate the power" is a hypnotic song based on vocal vocals and distorted equipment – it leans on Boucher's previously researched interests with industrial sound, plastic emotions and anime-inspired aesthetics, although "artificial intelligence is a sexy but existential threat" mainstream concept at a time Matrix. Though you could take the lyrics like "Promise Fidelity to the Most Powerful Computer in the World / Simulation: It's a Future" in nominal value, it would be much more charitable to hear "We appreciate power" as part of the Disney-style animated musical instrument. Think of it as something like that The Lion King"Prepare yourself," sung by the antagonist of this Disney-style film I've just created, even when the news is exhausted after several listening news. But here's something I could not stop thinking about when I listened: It is strange that Grimes made a song about artificial intelligence when he encounters Elon Musk.

Is it somewhat unfair? Yes of course. Grimes is Grimes, not her friend. Grimes writes and produces all his music, but it is hard for me to ignore the presence of Musk in her life, given his well-documented preoccupation with artificial intelligence. (He is no evangelist who says he poses a greater threat than nuclear weapons.) Of course, my brain was embarrassing about interviews that probably were about A.I. among actors like Burning Man, and I do not know, hentai. It would be offensive to attribute a rich man to any part of the artist's work without giving a confirmation, but infantilizing insisting that a consensual relationship does not interfere with the characters involved, especially when they are institutionally powerful as a Musk or artistically talented like Boucher. (It is worth mentioning that Musk was certainly feeling yourself more in the public eye since he started dating with Boucher, although the implications for tweeting about drugs are different when you are a leading global corporation rather than an artist.) And although celebrity and financial success are sometimes a byproduct of artistic ability, it is strange that new song about beloved Pitchfork artist and think: "It's a $ 23 billion anti-press anti-press technology baron."

If you look at YouTube comments, you will see that this is not really a problem for many listeners. Why should it be? "We appreciate the power" is a bit of a banger, assuming you do not even think about it. There is a context that prevents anything from enjoying – you may have listened to a song on Spotify who stole money from artists – and sometimes you just have to throw your hands up and live a little. It's fun to be a fan! In May I said it was unfair to try to keep Boucher responsible for Musk's bulls, which I still believe to be true; people can have the opportunity to love who they want, even if that person seems like a lasic.

But come on. Seven years ago, when Grimes was thrown into the air, she was an underground artist who played a DIY show; now appearing to meet a millionaire. After she started walking with the musk, removed "anti-imperialist" from her Twitter bio. Piles of roots have changed somewhat for her; that maybe it sounds like a glib or unharmed, but Musk is that overcome by a figure in contemporary culture. It is as if the husband Megyn Kelly was a semi-successful writer whose art is clearly suppressed by the fact that he is subsidized Megyn Kelly. It would be easier to take the title of good humor if it does not seem to be what Boucher really believes, at least for the time being.

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