Frozen wild river of the Dnieper

Credit: NASA / ESA / Thomas Pesquet

Curling snow wires are magnified by terrain around 1400 miles of Dnieper River, flowing from Russia to the Black Sea.

Astronaut of the European Space Agency Thomas Pesquet, expedition crew member 50, captured this picture from the International Space Station on February 917, says: "The winter landscapes are also magical from the International Space Station: this river north of Kiev reminds me of the Hokusai painting. "

Every day, the International Space Station completes 16 orbits of our home planet, as the crew conducts important science and research. Their work will not only be beneficial to life on Earth but will also help us deeper into space than ever before. Crew members at the space station are photographing the Earth from their unique perspective, floating 200 miles above us, documenting Earth from space. This record is key to how the planet is changing over time, from human-induced changes such as urban growth to natural dynamic events such as hurricanes and volcanic eruptions.

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