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HockeyBuzz.com – Jan Levine – Game 49: PHI 1 NYR 0, Stolarz shuts down NY, Buch scratches, Howden hurts

The Rangers, despite having overtaken Flyers 38-19 and winning their opponents after the first 100 seconds of the game, lost on Tuesday 1-0 to return to action. Anthony Stolarz did what seemingly every backup goalkeeper made to New York, stoning them and turning into impenetrable power. A great message before and probably during the game was the scratching of Pavel Buchnevich by coach David Quinn.

Play the game:

David Quinn Post-game:

Preliminary discussion about the scratching of Pavel Buchnevich:

Lines with Buch sitting and Mats Zuccarello out with foot infection:

Smith / Pionk-Shattenkirk


1) Buchnevič – scratching Bucha in the game where Zucc is out is a suboptimal right of the bat. Do not add any goals to 38 shots, with even more material, and of course the Rangerstwitter is in your arms. With Brett Howden, who is now "for a moment" with a knee injury, it is possible that Buch will enter, especially from the 11/7 format, despite a solid match, did not lead to any goal, but if Zucc's leg injury is sufficiently cured, if Buch restarts, we'll be in Defcon 1.

We were all scattered when the interpreter Alain Vigneault Buchnevich was sitting. Now with a second coach, whose mandate ranges wide from the AV because he is not obliged to win instantly, also scratch Buchnevich, maybe it is a player and not a coach. Is it the effort, body language, or a combination of both that lead to Quinn sitting in Buchnevich? With 15 points in 32 games his production is not stellar, but in the fourth row and play line this performance is reasonable. So there are other reasons why Buchenevich is sitting in a print box.

Larry Brooks has well described what this message is about Buchnevich. The last key paragraph is the key. If he does not reach it now, he will probably never be. But I'm also convinced that you do not have the talent for a second return just to get the assets back, I need to remind everyone of Alexei Kovalev all the years ago. Hopefully, the news was received and incorporated by Bukh to suit the game, which led us to talk about his production and how well he played than he should sit.

It's not just a wake-up call, not even when it comes to the club's first game after a long break / All-Star break that started on January 20, and not when it comes with no corresponding move, mix, and not when it's already happened three times.

It is rather airborne raidi siren, which was hit by Buchinovic's ear by David Quinn, who apparently got the third year on ice before reaching this amazing decision.

Yes, Buchnević must be frustrating (9 points, 6 assists, 15 points in 32 games) to get relatively small batches of play for five players and a team that is starving for offensive production. But his downtime on ice is on him, not the first coaching trainer, followed by veteran coach Alain Vigneault, who, watching and going, handled a wing with the same hard love.

Peripheral numbers are not sufficient.

2) Hayes, the third leading goalie of the team, returned to the group working between Brett Howden on the left and Jimmy Vesey on the right. But after Howden drove to the middle of the first leg with a knee injury, Hayes finished second, Filip Chytil and Jesper Fast on his wings. Hayes, who missed nine matches with upper body injuries, won six shooting goals at 22:25 in his first game since January 2.

3) Chris Kreider – Dominant performance, five shots and six hits. But when he had the puck pick up, he did not, and when he could shoot, he picked up the puck. He may have had 2-3 goals last night.

4) Anthony Stolarz and Flyers – Look at these numbers from the post-game write-up on NHL.com. All you can do is scratch your head.

It was the first season off and the second in the NHL for Stolarz, who did not play at Flyers because he suffered a lower body injury in the first 5-1 loss on Vancouver Canucks on December 15th. winning, Stolarz is 3-3-2 with 3.44 goals against the average and .896 saves a percentage in 10 matches (eight starts) for Flyers this season. He had a 3.90 GAA against all other teams before turning to Terry Sawchucka's second comeback.

Oskar Lindblom, who beat four shooters around the net, scored for Philadelphia (21-23-6), who fought against 20-10 during the longest active Friday (five games) in the NHL.

Flyers won six games against the Rangers and turned them off for three of the last four.

5) They were in Georgieva:

6) Once again, I just added. New York does not intend to give up assets to now get the big name of a potential free agent. It's counterproductive, it does not make sense, and it's against the leadership saying it's going to be this season. In a free agency they will come in July or just before, then in any case be aggressive. That is, no contracts for Artemi Panarin, especially what was suggested in the comments in the second blog because Columbus would probably laugh at this offer. It also means that you do not care about someone like Tyler Seguin or anyone of what you are now. The activity that expires will be moved and Hayes is unknown. Those that are considered to be part of the future will remain, and even if potential future assets are shifted, it will be for someone under contract or under control for several more seasons

It will be interesting to see the combination of lines in practice and Thursday evening. I will take part in the game. Let me know if any of you will be as good.

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