Home Alone Film "Angels With Dirty Souls" is not a real movie

I hope you were beautiful Christmas Eve yesterday, celebrating with your family or friends or what you did. Because I'm going to ruin you for this classic phenomenal movie Home alone.

Now some of you may be aware of this fact and will be saying things like: "Walkers, you idiots, how did you not know" or more directly to the point "Stop the Pedestrian", or even an old favorite: "Another apology for" journalism "from the fuck" and wow I'm just a little nervous here, I think so?

Anyway, if you knew about it, FINE, but I did not know about it and not even a Hollywood star Seth Rogen so it's good for me. Basically it happened: through Xmas, Seth decided to follow the 1990 class again and learned the sad fact he shared with his followers and then wake up their minds with them.

You know the movies inside the movie by Kevin McAllisterMacaulay Culkin) is obsessed in Home alone and uses him to help him shoot down evil men? Well, it's not a real movie – a thing Seth did not know.

While some people already knew it, others were as angry as fkn.

Some people were a little angry:

Others, of course, were the smartest people on earth.

While others had more business ideas:

Yes, yes, please.

Since Twitter there is room for know-it-alls, several users have pointed out that yes, the movie called "Angels With Filthy Souls" was really just for Home alone and that his "sequel" called "Angels With Filthier Souls" Home aloneThe real sequel, Home Alone 2: Lost in New York.

A 2015 Vanity Fair article submits creating one minute and 20 seconds of "movie", saying that the crew had only one day to shoot with the director of photography Julio Macat saying: "We went to it". You got it, Julio, and it all deceived us (all right, 80% of us).

Merry Christmas, you dirty animal.

Home alone

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