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How to register for "almuž" closed alpha on PS4, Xbox One and PC

It looks like this is not yet, but 2019 is just around the corner – and the next year comes another wave of big video games.

One of the first upcoming waves is "Anthem", a huge new online game from people who brought you the "Mass Effect" and "Dragon Age" franchising.

It is running on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on February 22 – a few months away – but EA offers a early chance to play the game in December.

Better yet: It's free!

Yeah yeah? Yeah!
BioWare / EA

Playing the game is as simple as signing up for an EA Online account right here, selecting a platform, and accepting a selection.

Notably, this is not the final version of the game; it's an early "alpha" version, which means it's playable but still probably quite far from the game that opens in February. Given that "Anthem" is just an online game, EA uses alpha as a means of testing its server capacity, as well as a tool for testing games with fans.

So when can you play alpha? Soon! It is scheduled to run during the weekend from December 8 to December, with different sessions in two days. You will need Xbox Live or PlayStation Plus if you want to play alpha on Xbox One or PlayStation 4, and beware that the chosen platform is the only one you get – you can not choose multiple platforms with a single EA Online login.

For the taste of what you experience in alpha "Anthem", look at this very lengthy video:

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