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Huge supply of electricity – Kelowna News

The vacancy rate in Kelowna has increased by almost two percent last year.

Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation announced on Wednesday its annual survey of the rental market that the vacancy rate of the city rose to 1.9 percent. In October 2017, it was only 0.2%.

The report found that the new offer of purpose-built rental dwellings outperformed the increase in demand and resulted in the vacancy rate of dwellings, which increased in all types of bedrooms.

Although the vacancy rate has risen, average rental prices have continued to rise. The monthly price for a two-bedroom apartment in October was 1,267 USD, which was in October 2017 above USD 1,011.

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UPDATE: 10:10 a.m.

Crews with FortisBC are trying to find out the cause of a large power outage in Kelowna.

The downfall affects approximately 5,600 customers across the city center and extends to the KLO and Gordon Drive to the bridge.

FortisBC spokesman Nicole Brown says the problem appears to be at the Saucier Road substation.

She said the crews are on their way, trying to figure out the cause.

Traffic lights along Harvey Avenue from Gordon to Abbott are out. Motorists are advised to treat unlit traffic junctions like four-way stops.

ORIGINAL: 10 a.m.

A huge electricity shortage affects a huge kelovník.

The FortisBC outage map shows that power is in the stretch stretching from Crowley Avenue in the North End, much of Kelowna's city center, on the KLO road in the mission.

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Downtown Kelowna will receive a holiday on Saturday for its winter market and annual Christmas tree lighting.

The market is held from 11:00 to 18:00. on Water Street and Stuart Park.

Explore the festive marketplace, skate on the Stuart Park ice skating rink, listen to live music and meet the big man in red.

It's a licensed market so you can sip your adult drinks as well as indulge in sweet sweets and delicacies, pack up on street food, or just relax at the fire.

There will also be family activities in the Okanagan Regional Library and Kelowna Art Gallery can produce a lantern. Meanwhile, Laurel Packing House celebrates its 100th birthday and will serve as a free apple cider.

Live music will be provided by brothers Zamboni, Sista B & Boys and Orange Crush Quartet.

Visits to Santa begin at noon at Stuart Park.

The 30th anniversary celebration of tree lighting at 18:00 is held in the afternoon evening.


The Kelowna Chamber of Commerce approved a report written by the former RCMP Supt Committee. Bill McKinnon on Public Security.

Carmen Sparg, chairman of the Chamber, says that much of the report reflects the concerns raised by the Board of Directors in 2017.

It also called on the city to provide leadership and resume calls for renewal of the court that was used in Kelowna between 2010 and 2012.

Sparg said the chamber had written a province that had recently asked for the necessary support to become a reality in Kelowna.

"We were delighted to see where the short-term improvements the city has undergone, and increased efforts to keep clean the streets and provide public sinks to those in need," the report said.

"We have taken note of the report that adding additional officials last summer may not be the most cost-effective approach to addressing issues at the center as officials are not competent to deal with potential criminal offenses" We are beginning to legislate to give the authorities more power likely to support the chamber. "

Sparg said the chamber is ready and willing to work with the city to create a positive environment in the center.

"Even if he has neither the authority nor the expertise to solve the issues that are being discussed, the chamber may be a communication channel for business owners, employees and customers who are affected by the state of the center.

"Finally, the Chamber believes that while the city must take the lead, provincial and federal governments also play a role in ensuring that local governments have the financial resources and tools to address this complicated issue."

Castanet's evening update for Tuesday, November 27, with reporter Wayne Moore.

UPDATE: 2 hours

Glenmore Road is open to one-lane alternate traffic, as crews continue to exclude mineral oil leakage.

Cleaning is expected to take some time, but the BC Hydro spokesman says the crews are working to clean up a slippery mess.

"This transformer had about 68 liters of mineral oil in it, and it was a collision," said Walker-Larsen.

In addition to the mineral oil, there was very little PCB (polychlorinated biphenyls).

"The level was so low that it was well below the threshold that would require reporting to the environment in Canada," said Walker-Larsen.

UPDATE: 11:30 hrs.

The environmental team is in place when the transformer oil leaks after the vehicle has hit the pole.

The officers responded to Glenmore Road at Lake Country at 23:30. Monday and found the gray Pontiac G5, who left the road and hit the mast.

RCMP Cpl. Jesse O'Donaghey says that the collision force caused the power pole with the live transformer attached to the road.

"The substance, which was considered mineral oil from the transformer, covered the road and posed a risk for motorists," said O'Donaghey.

Castanet learned that several gallons of chemicals had escaped the road.

The crews are on the scene for hours and it is likely that some of the chemicals collided on the slope.

The car driver, a 22-year-old Kelowna man, suffered "relatively small" injuries and diversion from the crash.

"RCMP believes that alcohol was not involved in the collision," said O'Donaghey.

The man was fined under the Motor Vehicles Act.

Every witness is asked to call the police at 250-766-2288.

UPDATE: 9:51 am

Lake Country Communications Officer Karen Miller tells Castaneta that he is helping the Lake Country Fire Department, but BC Hydro is responsible for power recovery and all cleanup in the area.

Several individuals turned to Castanet to let us know they were turned at both ends of Glenmore Road for what they were told was a chemical stain.

Castanet got to BC Hydro, but we have not heard any further details of the leak or how long the trip will be closed.

UPDATE: 8:00 hrs.

According to the BC Hydro power failure chart, the energy for residents living on Chase Road at Glenmore Road has now been restored. Castanet has received several reports of chemical leakage in the same area, near the Nature & Gold plant.

Traffic is still blocked in both directions.

Castanet stretched out to see if there was a real chemical spill in the area.

We will update the latest information as soon as it becomes available.

UPDATE: 7 a.m.

Performance remains for more than 60 customers near the borders of Lake Country and Kelowna along Glenmore Road due to a motor vehicle incident at the 4200 Glenmore Road block.

The Castanet editors say that the journey remains closed in both directions, and emergency crews are on the scene working on the issue.

It will certainly affect morning commuting for anyone who needs to use Glenmore Road, the incident seems to be located near Chase Road.

BC Hydro's website indicates that power should be restored by 8:00.

ORIGINAL: 5:55 am

Damaged power lines along Glenmore Street cause trouble traveling on the road this morning.

This photo shows a dark sedan off road near a ruined power line at 4165 Glenmore Rd. at 11:30. Monday night.

Emergency crews had to turn around broken electric lines to get to the vehicle.

There are reports of an incident, but it is unclear what caused the power lines to fall down the road and there are currently no signs of injury.

After Sunday's Friday, Friday and Monday, Cyber ​​Monday hit Kelowna in the welcoming rain Tuesday.

The international event, which supports the provision of needs, has begun in the city halls on the outskirts of Okanagan for the fourth year.

The event is organized by the United Way and Okanagan Boys and Girls Clubs.

"We had all the surplus of Black Friday and cyber Monday, and that's just an opportunity for people to come back to the community and start a season," said Helen Jackman, Managing Director of United Way Central & South Okanagan Similkameen.

Some of the 50 local United Way non-profit groups supported Tuesday in Kelowna City to help Mayor Colin Basran officially declare a street award.

"Over the past few days, focusing on consumerism, it's a nice reset to get back to what's really important – and that's the community and make sure everyone in our community has a roof overhead and they have basic needs because they know , that is right now in our community, "said Basran.

"That's why it's so important today, but we should be aware every day."

"We call on everyone to consider what you've spent and what you could spend on Christmas and think about how you can come back," Jackman said. "It's just an opportunity to celebrate philanthropy and the impact it can have."

Here's a list of places you can donate.

The Central Okanagan Land Trust launched a campaign to protect the Munson Pond in Kelowna.

Wayne Wilson Trust says the pond "is the jewel of the environment in the middle of Kelown's increasingly populated landscape."

The pond began to function as gravel in the early 1960s, and when work stopped, it slowly filled with artesian water due to the high water table in the KLO and Benvoulin area.

The pond has since become a park and is home to beaver, otter, muskrat, hen and fish.

Over the past three years, the Land Trust has established young, indigenous trees and shrubs together with the construction of a trail, bridge and prospective platforms.

She has now registered a foundation fund with the Central Okanagan Foundation and hopes to raise it for $ 25,000.

A campaign to fund the crowd was launched to start the fund.

Get ready to chew your skates.

An outdoor ice rink at Stuart Park in central Kelowna opens on Friday for Canada's winter games and burner relay.

In-line skates start at 15:00 and open at the winter stadium from 6:00 to 11:00 daily. until the end of February.

The burner relay visits more than 40 cities throughout Canada. Runners will take the torch from Stuart Park at 15:30, get off at Bernard Avenue and down on Lawrence before returning to the park.

After the ceremony, family activities will follow.

Cowbells will be dealt to encourage the crowd to get angry at the relay.

Skaters can check the Stuart Park Webcam during the season for ice and climatic conditions.

In-line skates, helmets and EZ bars are available daily from 11am to 8pm.

Warm dress – save gas, fire pit will not be illuminated this year.

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