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In the CIMON video, the ISS throws an unexpected bout

ISS CIMON robot.
GIF: ESA / Gizmodo

As far as misconduct is concerned, we are not yet at HAL 9000 yet – but during the debut demonstration of the new CIMON AI engine in the world, it showed that free floating equipment showed rather controversial behavior.

CIMON, an abbreviation for Crew Interactive MObile CompanioN, is the first interactive flight attendant to participate in ISS missions. A $ 6 million robot was built by Airbus on the basis of a contract issued by the German Air Force (DLR). The aim of the project is to find out whether an artificially intelligent shoe can improve crew performance and morale during longer missions, including a possible mission on Mars.

CIMON has no hands or feet, but it has some intelligent intelligence and user interface for native languages. The 3D Printed Robot has 12 internal fans that allow it to move in multiple directions while floating in micrographic space. Bot can display on-screen instructions, capture video, play music, and even search for objects.

CIMON was delivered to ISS at the end of June, and finally we are able to see this shoe in action with the new European Space Agency (ESA) video.

The video shows the first interaction with CIMON on board the ISS – and let's say it's still rough around the edges.

First, we begin smoothly as German astronaut Alexander Gerst, with NASA astronaut Serena Auñon-Chancellor, looks at CIMON asking a few basic questions. CIMON tells Gersta his name and where he is, and at the same time proves that he can tilt his stunning robotic face. After helping with the scientific process, CIMON plays Gerst's favorite song on demand, Kraftwerk's "Man-Machine". Very nice choice.

But then at 4:08 CIMON's video begins to act a little squirrel. Behind this point, the demonstration looks like a scene 2001: Space Odyssey, with CIMON playing part HAL 9000 and Gerst as David Bowman.

CIMON, who does not want to move into the music mode, accuses Gersta of not being nice and asks him to stop being so bad. The common view between Gersta and Chancellor Auon at this moment – at 6:04 – is absolutely invaluable. CIMON, who acts as a three-year-old, asks, "Do not you like it here with me?" And he immediately begins to descend to the deck. And then he'll ask the crew when it's time for lunch.

Well, so it's not the finest debut.

Despite the uneven CIMON behavior and unbearable drift, however, Gerst added the robot's ability to swim in the cabin immobile. This is still the start-up period for the project, but CIMON brings at least some comic relief. In fact, CIMON, as part of its mission, is to keep the crew's morale high, so in this sense, it has already succeeded thanks to unexpected shenanigans.

Well, at least until CIMON closes Gerst outside the ISS during his next interlude.


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