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Issued Missing in Action as Remaining Koi Removed For Their Safety

On Wednesday, November 28, the Vancouver Park Board, with the help of members of the Vancouver Aquarium, removed the remaining adult and juvenile koi from the water in the classic Chinese garden. Sun Yat-Sen.

A total of two adults and 344 juvenile koi swim in a Vancouver aquarium for safekeeping.

The Vancouver Park Board shared with the media that there were no signs of otter for days, although a number of traps remain in the garden. Employees will also modify the entrance and exit points of the garden to discourage possible visits to the otter.

Workers in the garden shared that they would continue to sweep the ponds and fill them with water. The total number of koi losses at a later date.

Now, with the safety of animals secured, efforts to seek to complement the pond and the population. Classic Chinese Garden Dr. Sun Yat-Sen will launch a campaign in the near future.


Courtesy of Chinese Garden Dr. Sun Yat-Sen

After a long battle between the vulture, the koi pond and the Vancouver Park, the garden is back on Thursday 29 November.

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