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Jamela Jamil just came for Cardi B, again, in the most wild way – "Good Place" Star Jamela Jamil on Detox Tea and Cardi B

Good place star Jameel Jamil is the queen of the call to celebrities that hawk down the appetite and diet pills in the social media. Case at point? Kardashianci and Cardi B, the last subject of sharp critics of Jamela, which has blossomed into a bit of conflict.

Only a few days ago, Cardi released a video about praising the tearoom that allegedly helped reduce her appetite and helped her lose weight after giving birth to Cultura. In the postcard, Cardi also shared a black Friday affiliate purchase code, which usually means it is a sponsored post, and Cardi could make money out of it.

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Jameel, who used dietary supplements and laxatives that led to "digestion and metabolism for life," did not want Cardi to miss it without saying anything.

Jamela initially wrote: "They got Cardi B on laxative nonsense" detox "tea. GOD I hope all these celebrities shrink their trousers in public, how poor women who buy this nonsense on their recommendation.

As Cardi heard Jamela come to her and her business activities, Cardi clapped back, "I will never take my pants off because there are public bathrooms … oooo and bushes." LOL, but also realize how she did not deny that the tea could really make people take off their pants. And another note: If you see someone doing bushes, it might be Cardi. What a funny selfie that would be!

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Most readers who are in celebrities do not suffer after being sent, but this is Jamela, and she still had a few words to care for her.

She wrote: "As for her answer: He will never take off his trousers, not because of bush, but because he probably never uses the products he is promoting …" Fair point! Jamela also wrote that she barely believes that Cardi had heard of the product before making the video. "During the promotional video, she still looks at the product name on the cup … almost as if she never saw her," she said.

And while criticizing rapper Iggy Azalea for doing the same, Jameel begged celebrities to "be better allies."

This woman will not stay! Well, celebrities, do not send these ads if you do not want Jamela to call you. Cold?

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