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Jason Momoa really wants to see Zack Snyder's Justice League Cut

Aquaman star Jason Momo is not back when he asks Zack Snyder's cut League of Justice, that he really wants to see he is released. After a great theater performance League of Justice, DCEU definitely needed a break, and that's exactly what he got. Meantime Aquaman release in the United States will be more than a year since then league of justice united the six most famous DC heroes on the big screen for the first time.

While it is weird to think of a film that globally numbered $ 657 million in failure, one must take into account the fact that because of so many league of justice was shot again by the replacement director Joss Whedon after Snyder's departure from the project, the DCEU's attempt to adapt Avengers ended more than other franchise entrants. Combine this by keeping a doubtful difference between being the least grossing DCEU movies, and Justice League the status of the flop becomes undeniable, no matter how many individual viewers it would like. There is no real excuse for the movie to play DC "Holy Trinity" Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman not for higher performance Suicide Squad in the box office.

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For many months many DC fans have led a crusade with one goal: to persuade Warner Bros. and DC Films to release the original cut of Zack Snyder League of Justice. While it is not certain whether there is even a complete cut of Snyder's imagination, the filmmaker did nothing but add fuel to the fire by regularly releasing material from his cut that did not make a theatrical version and even recently recognized Snyder Cut's motion for the first time. Now that he asked Snyder Cut by MTV News during the promotional interview Aquaman, Momoa added her voice to the choir. For the first time, the actor acknowledged how study policy usually banned people in his position to talk about their affairs about such things, and then went on to express enthusiastically about his desire to see Snyder's cut, complemented by the fall of the F-bomb. Look at the frankly honest moment below.

Another factor in the fact that Momoa is so direct is probably his respected respect and admiration for Snyder, who personally shot actors as Aquaman and helped develop the identity of the DCEU character. Momoa dealt with some of the differences between the Aquaman story in Snyder's cut and Whedon's cut before, and while never respecting or insulting a theatrical cut, Whedon never really tried to hide the fact that he preferred Snyder's vision for both the project as a whole and Arthur Curry in particular. I hope the fans eventually get to Aquaman league of justice the way for yourself.

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Source: MTV News

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