Kanye West and Kim Kardashian took on the most years of flight, which received frightening messages from social media users. The couple booked their own Boeing 747 to meet their needs during what Kardashian considered to be a "long" flight. It turned out to be destined for Japan. Saitama touches to visit Ye's long-time co-worker Takashi Murakami, a well-known international artist.

According to Murakami's social relationships, his American friends sang his artistic studio. The reason for their visit could be simply reconcilable, but some questions could also be discussed. Takashi opens a souvenir shop on December 1 in Tokyo, the famous Nakano Broadway shopping complex. The Japanese artist was recently in New York to attend a joint show he had created with a good friend of Ye, Virgil Abloh. A show called "America too," took place at the Gagosian Gallery. Kanye might have teamed with Takashi at the time.

Old Kanye has worked with an artist in the past. Takashi suggested Yeah Graduation album cover and also directed a music video for his Good Morning, animated production. Still holding a soft place for Kanye's creativity. Check out his "I Love It" Cosplay below.