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Last Night: Warriors Flip Script on Bucks

With 37 turnovers and 105 omitted shots, the Warriors-Bucks shot was not a reason to overthrow, although the 3-pointer was still a big factor.

With Draymond Green and Kevin Durant at night (11 points in a 3 out of 14 shot), the Warriors borrowed a pre-Durant Playbook page to avenge one of the worst losses in the season, defeating Bucks 105-95 in Milwaukee.

Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson each scored 20 points and 4 out of 9 for an arc while Andre Iguodala added the season-high 15 points as the Golden State pulled away in the second half with another hot segment of the 3-point line.

The warriors reduced Giannis Antetokounmpo to 20 points and kept Bucks at seasonally low 95 points, for the first time throughout the season under 100 years.

It was a 3 and D victory for warriors who shot 41 percent (19 of 46) from a 3-point range, while Bucks were only 7 out of 39 (18 percent) from afar.

"The defense was not so great, so it's good to finally put together a game in which we keep our opponents at such a small 3-point percentage," Thompson said. "I feel really good, I will not lie."

The soldiers return home on Monday and face the Timberwolves teams. Draymond Green is expected to be back on track. Green has missed the last 11 games.

• Game of the Day: Warriors vs. Bucks reappears on NBA TV at 5pm. ET

Ferocity encounters a nuisance

Russell Westbrook got along with the Bulls. Then introduced Wendell Carter Jr., who first introduced himself and denied Westbrook's poster attempt at the edge.

"I just hope I get it," said Carter Jr. journalists after the game ends. "Because it could be really bad if I did not."

The block was a key moment in the fourth quarter of bull return. Lauri Markkanen was released in the final seconds when the Bulls defeated the Thunder 114-112 for the first victory under coach Jim Boylen.

Westbrook finished another huge triple double (24 points, 17 rebounds and 13 assists) when Thunder lowered his first game to a .500 team.

Embiid frustrated with the role

It is based on three games in which it averaged only 13.7 points at 33.3 percent, the sixth player Joel Embiid got the night against the Pistons.

What is the emboid mini-crash? It seems that Embiid is not fully adapted to playing next to Jimmy Butler.

Here's what Embiid told Keith Pompey of

"I was not alone lately," Embiid said. "I think it's mainly because of the way I used it, which is, I use it as a separator, I think, [is why] I just shoot [29] percent "of the three-point range.

"But it seems to me like in the last two games, like playing, [Brown] I'm always starting on the circuit … and I'm really frustrating. My body feels great and it's just that I played well. "

Embiid acknowledged that he and Butler are still learning how to play better together but is concerned about his recent production and wants to help the team succeed.

Sixers is 9-3 from the Butler Store, including a Friday nightfall of 117-111, when Butler exploded for 38 points, six rebounds, six assists, and three steals.

Adebay's career at night

With Hassan Whiteside in Miami, who is waiting for the birth of his first child, Bam Adebayo has rarely used a start at Heat's 115-98 victory over the Phoenix sun.

Adebayo beat his previous career by 19 points in the second quarter and ended with 22 points and 10 rebounds in 32 minutes.

Many of Adebay's points reached big dunes, including Shawna Kempu, who got to Richaun Holmes.

Vintage Parker

Now in the 18th season of the NBA, Tony Parker has barely lost his pace.

Shortly after the steep wing, the steamer stopped with the steam head, and Parker immediately stopped his right foot, then turned 360 degrees to avoid the defender and scoring to the layout on the other side of the rim.

"I've seen this move so many times," said teammate Nic Batum, who also played with Parker in the French national team. "I laughed a little when he did, and I said," I was waiting for this step. "They changed the rule in Europe because of this move, and now they call it traveling there."

Parker finished 19 points off the bench to help the Hornets defeat Nuggets 113-107, wounding Denver's seven winning streak.

Night status

Russell Westbrook recorded his fourth career with a triple double and 10 turns. According to Elias Sports Bureau, it is the most of these games because individual turns became official statistics in 1977-78. James Harden is the only other player to make more triple pairs with 10 turns.

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