Legacy Reappear: Season 1 Episode 5 – [Spoiler] He's coming back from the dead

Even in the magical world, choices do not always go the way they should. Some of the Heritage"The best thing was learned on Thursday when Alaric's decision to create a honorable board of students – one of the supernatural factions – changed campus into a political war zone.

Well dressed Lizzie and a very well-dressed MG (as Quincy Fouse predicted!) were undeniable frontrunners for their respective species, but settling on the leader was a bit more challenging for the werewolves – not surprising. When Rafael's alpha made it clear that he would use his position to get Landon out of school, a battle of domination followed. The call for Rafael paid off and gained a seat in the council, but two more vacant places came to Kaleb (!) And Josie (!!), calling for the chorus from other students. And from me, to be honest.

I also hope she is heavily armed into the council – to be fair, she Yippee the only one of his kind – probably to ensure that Landon takes good care of him, but surprised everyone in meeting her first suggestion: "Landon must go." Kaleb agreed (duh) and Rafael stood up against (duuuh) decision in the hands of Josie. In the end, she decided that it was in Landon's best interest to keep his distance, to send Rafael to blind rage … and to Lizzie's equally enraged arms. (Say Rafael kissed Josie last week? that may lead to greater tension among nurses.)

Elsewhere, Alaric and Dorian were busy in a weekly mysterious monster: a living spirit of a tree, also known as dryad. (No Big.) This special dryad – the first show speaking monster – she was desperate to meet her lover, a vampire named Oliver. (Confession: Before I heard the "vampire," I thought maybe she was talking about Jackson's werewolf Oliver from Originals. And when the boy proved to be pretty simple, the plan struck a new glimmer when Oliver claimed he had no memory of his deciduous ladies. Hell, that man was married.

As if her heart was broken, the poor bag – under the influence of an unknown subject – attacked Alaric and Dorian and forced them to take her out. Fortunately, she was able to reveal the key part of the puzzle before the sky began to grow: a voice in her head ordered her to knock on a "dark pit under the ground" known as Malivore. In this way she would know "peace and finally be free." (This drug clearly did not see any other show in this franchise, or would know what "peace" means).

Suchad's story also sheds light on the ongoing Landon show. After giving him a long-awaited good-bye kiss, Hope Landon brought a bus to New Orleans where a family friend waited for him to help find his mother born. (Vincent? Declan? I have to know!) Even more interesting: In one of the photos that Landon has from his mother, he is wearing the Malivore symbol.

It is also worth discussing …

* I need to know who is carrying the Linkin Park packaging "At the end" that played at the beginning of the episode. Now.

* Did you catch the scream of Bonnie Bennett? When Dorian brought Oliver to drought, he said, "Our dear Bonnie has done a wizarding thing on the rings, a combo that produces a spell and astral projection." Sure, I would like to see Kat Graham in Mystic Falls, but for now he can not.

* I did not think it was more sad than Josie said Hope Hayley is nice … until Alaric makes her heart dry. So you can imagine that I am delighted to see Jodi Lyn O Keefe appear in the promo action next week as an episode zombie. This show is too good for us.

* When we talk about familiar faces, who is a "family friend" in New Orleans ?!

You dug this week's info-heavy episode Heritage? Any new theory about Landon? Add a comment below.

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