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Lenovo Z5s leakage has a hole on the forehead

It seems Lenovo just loves to have his remaining fan of smart phones for the ride. It was only a few months back for thinking that the Lenovo Z5 would have a full-screen face. It happened until the Lenovo Z5 Pro and its sliding cameras. Now it seems that she has another option in the offer that drives to the latest trends that put a very visible hole right in the middle of the front of the Lenovo Z5.

Lenka Z5s, if it's really her name, first appeared on the Chinese TENAA as the Lenovo L78071 with some interesting specs. But due to the fact that the phone screen is turned off, one of its two defining features went unnoticed. At least until the leak occurs.

Photos and even video from the screen-turned-off phone just missed and surprisingly surprised that they were trying to make Samsung or Huawei. There is a bad hole on the screen, up and center. The hands are out of the way of any important information. On the other hand, he will probably eat in the text of any announcement that will have the misfortune of hanging too far.

This is not the only element of the Z5, at least as far as Lenovo's smartphones are concerned. The TENAA list reveals what is the first phone with three Lenovo cameras. It also displays the fingerprint reader on the back. Lenovo seems not to be ready for this jump.

Lenovo itself is not the secret of this feature. According to another leak, the official poster for the phone is unambiguous that it will have a circular cutout at the top. He also notes that we will start in December, which is also a situation where phones of this kind are expected to appear.

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