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Little Caesars tests the impossible pizza

A string of pizzas said he was testing the Impossible Supreme – a stuck meat sausage made by Impossible Foods – in Florida, New Mexico, and Washington.

Consumers are increasingly interested in eating plant-based protein for health and environmental reasons, and the market for meat but meatless protein is growing. By 2023, the US retail market for meat substitutes could reach $ 2.5 billion, compared to $ 1.4 billion last year, according to research firm Euromonitor International. According to Euromonitor International, the market could grow worldwide from $ 18.7 billion in 2018 to $ 23 billion in 2023.
Restaurant chains are hoping to get a piece of that cake. Burger King, White Castle, Qdoba, Carl's Jr., Bareburger and others sell vegetable protein items on US markets. McDonald's (MCD) sells meatless hamburger in Europe, and Tim Horton recently announced that he is testing three sandwiches for breakfast with vegetable-based sausages For meat (BYND), Incompetent Competitor, Canada.

Plant Sausage is the first for Impossible and has been designed to appeal to small Caesars customers.

Little Caesars started working with Impossible to create a menu item in October that contains vegetable protein. Ed Gleich, head of the pizzeria innovation department, told CNN Business. The company began to pay attention to this trend earlier when more meat consumers exchanged meat for vegetarian alternatives.

"This kind of flexitarist grows in nature," he said. "Vegans or vegetarians aren't the hard core," but in their elections they are "bolder". Pizza Impossible Supreme is designed to appeal to individual flesh and not vegan (cheese, along with fake sausage and other items).

Every Little Caesars product must appeal to our loyal, predominantly carnivorous, fans, "said Little Caesars President and CEO David Scrivano in a statement, adding that" this is probably just the beginning of the Little Caesars menu items. "

The meatless burger revolution is just beginning

Initially, the plan was to be supplemented by the Impossible's signature of the vegetable beef patty in Little Caesars. But Little Caesars shared with Impossible that more customers make sausage-topped pizzas than beef-topped pizzas, so Impossible came up with a new product. Gleich said he was pleasantly surprised.

"Usually companies want to sell the product they have," he said, "not a product that has to get out and give some time for research and development and put resources against and develop."

Impossible customers ask the company to produce a sausage product this year, said Impossible CEO Patrick Brown in a statement, adding that Impossible came up with 50 prototypes for Little Caesars.

Impossible's Protein is designed to be flexible and customizable, impossible CFO David Lee told CNN Business. Flavoring and cooking methods can help taste and feel like a sausage, a burger or something else.

McDonald joins the trend of meatless burgers in one of the biggest markets

Little Caesars plans to test the product for about four weeks in three markets where it is available before deciding whether the product will be wider, Gleich said. If a chain that has stores in 50 states decides to add a menu item to all locations, it would be difficult to fill orders.

Impossible to say last month that the product is approaching because the demand for his pancakes is so high. Impossible serving about 7,000 seats, and this figure is expected to be at least twice this year because Burger King's Impossible Whopper is available at national level.
To help meet demand, impossible plans to open more production facilities and hire more employees. Recently, a private company has announced that it has received another $ 300 million in funding. Since its launch in 2011, it has been over $ 750 million.

But "we have not solved the problem," deficiencies, Lee said, adding that he thinks Impossible will continue to strive for some time to deal with "sky-rocketing" demand.

"We're always saving and trying to add capacity every day," he said.

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