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Lonzo Ball emphasizes that players know and fulfill their "role"

With more than a month's NBA season, it's clear in the books that Los Angeles Lakers are a talented team. But like anyone else who is home to LeBron James, the world's biggest player, adjustments need to be made.

During the first 21 matches, the Lakers 12-9 with some excellent victories, such as four and nine-point victory against Portland Trail Blazers earlier this month. They also had some head loss – scratches, like two at Orlando Magic within one week of each other.

One thing remains through this: James plays great basketball. And with Lakers president of basketball operations Magic Johnson that he does not want Cleveland Cavaliers to become again, point guard Lonzo Ball believes there is a formula that would be successful when playing with James.

"Everybody just needs to know their role," Ball said after their uneasy win against the Indian Infantrymen. "We have a shooter, we have rays, guys who have set up the screen and we also have the best player in the world, you do not have to do too much and everything will train OK."

This formula seems to be quite simple, and after the start of 2-5, it seems like the whole team has figured it out, although there may be fears that James is being asked to do too much. At the end of the day, James is the top basketball player, so it makes sense only that the Lakers needed a lot of him to be successful.

Perhaps some of these fears will disappear when Rajon Rondo returns from the surgery because his absence was when the James's use rate was the highest. But even if it was not, the Lakers just have to do, as Ball says and does not try to do too much.

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