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Looks like Justin Bieber has just launched the garment line

It seems that Justin Bieber has joined Celebrity With Clothing Lines ™.

Because Drew House is officially alive.

In February, Bieber filed DREW Household Protection Documents, "LA MAISON DREW" and "DREW", supposed to be inspired by Biebs' middle name.

Who is … wait for it … Drew.

And now, almost a year later, Drew House door is finally open.

Bieber was bothering fans by introducing Instagram on Christmas, wearing slippers with smileys and gold chains that he named the Drew House account.

And the Drew House account is filled with the yellow grunts. It is also packed with grainy, grunge-core videos and models of models that look ultra cool and chill and comfort in suits that perfectly match the couch they are lying on.

Hailey (wife of Biebs, but you already knew) shared her excitement in the story of Instagram. She recorded a picture of the clothing line with the words "proud wife".


Stories from Hailey Rhode Bieber / Instagram

So if you've been trying to update your camel wardrobe with a smile like a possible baby-child between Nirvana and Walmart, you know where to go.


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