Magic Johnson denies LeBron James Ignores

Steve Dykes-USA TODAY Sports

When LeBron James signed with the Los Angeles Lakers in a free agency, some media expected drama throughout the 2018-19 NBA season. However, over 20 matches to the season, there have not been any serious problems yet.

At least no one directly affects James. As pLakers living in basketball operations Magic Johnson and coach Luke Walton both changed their meeting after 2-5 start, all NBA attention moved to Draymond Green's quarrel with Kevin Durant.

While progress in the season 11-9 begins in the season for the Lakers is for debate, there was a recent ESPN report about anonymous scouts noticing James & apos; Walton's call when playing a point guard.

However, on NBA Radio SiriusXM, Johnson strongly denied so much:

"First, Brian [Windhorst] I have it wrong. It's about making sure they can say something on ESPN and everyone can just talk. We have a system that moves the ball, rising and playing a lot. If you look at the game, the ball is not always in the hands of LeBron James. It can not be because you want to pass it, you get into your mass games. But hey, we are Lakers. People will talk about us, but now it is not. "

When the best player in today's game plays one of the biggest sports franchises, it will of course be such news. In any sport, it is very common for players to call sounds depending on what they see.

Since Walton became the main trainer, he emphasized that the players take responsibility, so they feel justified on the pitch. With the young core that benefits from this approach during the last three seasons, there is nothing else for James, Rajon Ronda and veterans.

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