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Mbappe expects a "complicated" trip to Belgrade

Paris Saint-Germain star Kylian Mbappe expects a "complicated" trip to Red Star in Belgrade, but urged his team to use their victory over Liverpool.

Goals from Juan Bernat and Neymar helped the PSG to a significant 2-1 home win over Premier League giants in the Champions League on Wednesday.

Ligue 1 champions will secure a place in the knockout round if they defeat Belgrade's red star in Group C on December 11th.

Mbappe wants PSG to make the most of his chances, although he understands the challenges his side will face against a team unbeaten at home since October 2017.

"No one in the group has managed, so it will be complicated," he said through Equipe.

"We will have to put so much intensity and so much desire there. It would be really disastrous to make such a match [against Liverpool] and not to evaluate. "

James Milner's half-time penalty has prompted the Premier League against PSG, but the hosts were relatively comfortable at closing their win.

Mbappe believes his team has achieved their winning point, but insisted that they never question their quality.

"It is also a relief and satisfaction. We were able to answer, we showed that in such a match we could answer," he said.

"We are very happy and we will finish the work in Belgrade, and we have shown that we can also be men in front of men.

"There was no concern, we are sure of our group, of course our strength." We knew we had to do more, but we always knew we could do it. "

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