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Miss N.W.T. charter plane on site, status of unknown pilots

Hercules, who was looking for the missing charter flight in the northwest, found the plane, according to an official involved in the search.

Sgt. Alfred Beaverhoe, director of Canadian guardians at Whati, told CBC News early Wednesday evening that the plane was seen near Behchoko, N.W.T. Flight flight Air Tindi was on the way from Yellowknife to Whati. Whati is about 75 kilometers northwest of Behchoko.

There were two pilots and no passengers on board. Beaverhoe said there are no pilot status information at this time. He said the Canadian guards were heading into the plane.

Air Tindi President Al Martin said the contact with King Air 200 was lost when the plane was approximately 24 to 32 kilometers off the Whati on Wednesday morning somewhere between 9 and 9:30.

Martin said two Air Tindi planes were looking for an airplane. One of the search aircraft was on board a doctor.

The Whati community was informed if the community had to provide a service in any function. Other relative pilots were informed that they were unknown.

Martin said he was also notified to the Committee on Transport Security and Search and Rescue Service.

A spokesman for the Royal Canadian Air Force, David Lavallee, said the RCMP had contacted the aircraft forces at noon to inform them of the missing aircraft. C-130 Hercules was sent from Winnipeg to help in the search.

It's -23 ° C with snow blowing in the area according to Canada.

In a press release released late Wednesday afternoon, they announced that the Northwest Territories of the RCMP are also investigating the incident.

"Inclement weather is currently a factor in the search for efforts," he said in a statement. "RCMP would like to remind the general public not to participate in any separate search."

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