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New escaped prints Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

We have what appears to be another good look at the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. This time there is a leak 91Mobiles, which claims to be official prints.

What we can see here is the same as previous leaks on the S10 Plus, which show an exceptionally wide double lens a hole camera in the top right corner of the display, and a strip of lenses and flash modules on the back. The icons on the locked screen are the same as previous images, indicating that Samsung updates the user interface in 2019 with rounded and slightly polite icons.

What is remarkable missing in this plaster is the back fingerprint reader. This suggests that the S10 really offers a fingerprint reader instead – a feature we've seen from several companies including Vivo, Xiaomi and (soon) Oppo. It will be Samsung's first time and a welcome change for some. Not everyone finds comfortable use of the rear fingerprint readers, especially because the screen size is still expanding.

Close up of escape images printed.
Picture: 91Mobiles

These rendering also gives a glimpse of Samsung's new "Infinity-O" display. ("O" indicates the camera off mode.) The Samsung U and V displays offer rounded and angled slots. It is said that the S10 Plus is a 6.4-inch screen the same size as the Galaxy Note 9. There will also be other sizes, including a smaller device with a 5.8-inch display and a 6.7-inch headset, which is rumored, six cameras and 5G Anniversaries.

Other notable specifications we expect include Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 or Exynos 9820 SoC (depending on the region), up to the terabyte of memory and 6 GB of RAM. Earlier leaks have also shown that the headphone jack is placed on the S10 line as well as the less welcomed Bixby button located on the left edge of the device. It is assumed that the camera field on the back will contain a wide angle telephoto lens and a standard lens, and 91Mobiles says that the new color seen in the above render is called the "white prism".

That's all we know about, but we'll learn very soon about Samsung's upcoming events that took place on February 20th.

These new rendering resemble leaked images that appeared earlier this month.
Picture: AllAboutSamsung

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