Kevin Hart won a great victory when he was offered guest Oscar concerts. This success has been underestimated by the resurgence of homophobic tweets, for which he has unjustified and eventually stepped out of the role in the upcoming ceremony. In the light of this chain of events, Nick Cannon felt compelled to remind people of some of the comedic pets with similar offensive content.

He shared old tweets from Chelsea Handler, Sarah Silverman and Amy Schumer, all of whom have been very successful in their respective career as comedians and actors. It seemed that Cannon casts doubt on how these characters continue to maintain positive trajectories in the professional sphere despite their use of homophobic offenses in the tweets he has taken over.

Cannon is clear about his attitude. She does not try to shame these female comicants because it highlights the hypocrisy of the entertainment industry and the public. It disagrees with the rise of political correctness. The comic would not mind if some old tweets were revealed.

"Nope, you know I said fuck, as soon as twitter started, I'm not playing politically correct bullshit!