On Sunday, Fortnite players can get a free exclusive Walmart spray

Do you want to improve your collection of Fortnite sprays? This weekend you have the chance to highlight the free exclusive Walmart spray. This opportunity is here for a limited time (as in a single day). So you want to jump on a chance until you can.

How to Get the Exclusive Walmart Spray in Fortnite

If you want an exclusive Walmart spray, you will need to visit Walmart on Sunday 2 Decembernd at 14 o'clock local. Not all Walmart placements are participating, so you'll need to check if yours is yours.

The participating stores will be in the Battle Bus store as described in the tweet below.

"The Fortnite Battle Bus will be in the store, and this Battle Bus will have spraying code towels to buy them."

According to Walmart's publicity on YouTube, they offer "one code per customer while stocks last."

You may have heard that a few people already got a spray. That's not right. It was the result of an accident involving the "Boogie" Season 5 spray, which was accidentally updated (or possibly for testing purposes) with the Walmart splash. As it was fixed, "Boogie" spray now looks like it was originally done again. You can find out more about it in the video below.

Spray from Walmart has a disco ball with fluorescent purple mohawk, a pair of blue sunglasses and a sparkling smile. Do not miss the opportunity to get it. On Sunday afternoon, you'll go to Walmart and be lucky. Meanwhile, keep up with all VGR news and updates.

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