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Oscar De La Hoya in response to Dana White's criticism

Oscar De La Hoya will not take Dana White's criticism without an answer.

The legendary boxer and current promoter fired back to White, the president of the UFC, on Wednesday by his publisher Stefan Friedman. On Tuesday, White hit De La Hoya on the UFC Unfiltered podcast for Chuck Liddell vs. These Ortiz 3 fight last weekend.

In De La Hoya's statement he said that White should "close".

"Dana is so small and our success threatens us [streaming service DAZN] and now in the MMA he reports back ten years ago to try to stay relevant, "De La Hoya said." The box was totally rejected. And MMA fighters are now realizing they can not risk their lives just to be rich.

"The golden boy and I are moving forward and are bigger than ever, Dana should close the house and try to find out how to save my own business."

Ortiz eliminated Liddel in the first round of the Golden Boot Promotion Championship's first invasion of the MMA last Saturday at Inglewood, California White was dead against the 48-year-old Liddell, his long-time friend who fought for the decade again. He refused to promote Liddell vs. Ortiz 3 under the UFC flag and said, Liddell should never fight again.

"I like Chuck Liddell and I never want a bad mouth Chuck Liddell," White said on Tuesday. "People even think I'm a bad bad chuck Chuck Liddell, but the reality is – first I heard last week the coconut fire" Oscar De La Weirdo "talks shit that I do not have a place to tell the guys when to go.First is called" friendship "when you earn a cokehead I've been with a boyfriend of 20 years with Chuck Liddell, and the fact is Chuck Liddell left when he left, eight and nine years ago, and Chuck Liddell is almost 50 years old and has no business The fact that the state of California has even let this struggle happen is disgusting, disgusting. "

Liddell last fought in 2010 before falling to Ortiz. The American Athletics Commission in California (CSAC) resolved the situation and said that Liddell had passed all the required medical tests. However, CSAC physicians later discontinued Liddell.

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