Pendant & Avengers 4 & # 39; may not come before 2019 due to a very good reason

After the curiosity that ends in late spring Avengers: Endless War, the fans approached the details of the upcoming Marvel installment package. While there was great expectation for a creeping look at the new movie, it seems that Revenge 4 the trailer must not go out before 2019 – and according to the director of Joe Russo, it may be a good reason. When attending Instagram Live Q & A, as HuffPost reports, Russo shared some insights into what fans can expect from the upcoming film, including teasing, when they expect to see the story of the film.

During his interview, Russo threw a lot of things, but he was particularly interested in details about the movie trailer. "Perhaps you may not see her before the calendar of 2019," he said. Fans of this film expected the trailer to debut each day with the previous timeline Revenge movies. The Huffington Post noted that the trailer for Avengers: Endless War was released in November 2017, the film was subsequently released on April 27, 2018. The fact that it's still untitled Revenge 4 the film is scheduled for debut May 3, 2019 led many to believe that the movie teaser will arrive sometime this month. But on the basis of the Russo statement, fans might want to rethink their timeline.


While it is not clear when the trailer will actually be released, Russo comments suggest that fans will have to wait a little longer for the trailer – but for good reason. In his social interview for the media Russo revealed that much more could be expected from the waiting film, with this much higher share in this further payment. He shared,

"Absolutely, a hundred percent, the highest [stakes] from any contemporary movie. No question. "

In other words, the bets are so high that it releases a trailer that is both brief and spoilerless. Comments Russo make sense due to the shocking end of this year Never ending war which left half of the MCU superhero in peril.

Meanwhile, Russo also revealed that much remains to be done as far as the upcoming film is concerned, and the director explains that although they are only in the middle of the editing process and "running time to Revenge 4 he has been sitting for three hours now. "According to Collider, the film director added:" Let's see if this is the case, but right now three hours. "


The film, which is currently in its post-production phase, has a lot of room for editing. And although it is unclear how long the film will eventually be, Russo has revealed it Revenge 4 would most likely be larger than Never ending warIt's 149 minutes running. During the Instagram Live discussion, Russo explained,

"It could just be a three-hour film, but we're very hard on the material, we like to play at a certain pace, I'm sure we'll ruin it … I think it will be longer than Revenge 3. "


While a trailer for Revenge 4 may come much later than originally assumed, Russo comments on the film reveal exciting details that prove it worthwhile to wait.

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