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PewDiePie makes a comeback after a T-Series fall on YouTube sub race | Dexerto

The Indian manufacturing company T-Series has finally outperformed the YouTube PewDiePie channel in the total number of subscribers, with more than 30,000 attendees – but miraculously, the Swede returned.

Since October 2018, much of the YouTube community and the internet as a whole have been immersed in the struggle for YouTube's superiority, because the independent creator, Felix PewDiePie & # 39; Kjellberg, opposed the takeover symbol of the T-Series.

It was built as David vs Goliath Fight, with PewDiePie being a single-man band, producing a single video a day, vs a T-series, a large company capable of publishing several, professional video quality a day.

One of the latest T-Series videos has more than 5 million impressions in just 17 hours, while others still have less than 100,000 impressions.

Despite its drawback, PewDiePie has put the T-Series running for their money. He overcame them for more than four months and kept his place intact – thanks to the big community of fellow YouTubers who supported him.

However, during the beginning of March 2019, the growth of the T-Series increased more rapidly every day. It seems that the brave efforts of PewDiePie and his community are finally too little, too late.

Since March 21, the T-Series has been more than 30,000 participants – the biggest margin. This was the result of their latest viral video, a trailer for the new film "PM Narendra Mori", which has accumulated over five million impressions in less than 16 hours.

PewDiePie vs T-Series – Live subscribers.

Though all hope seemed lost to PewDiePie, the Swedes managed to make a late increase and close the gap within a few hours.

With the T-Series now taking part in the public, even using national pride to encourage the Indians to sign up for their channel, it seemed too much of a challenge.

Many consider the race to be another 100 million milestone, so if Pewds can keep pace, late growth could force him to secure at least such a win. If not, then 90 million can be the last major milestone that can claim to have hit first.

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