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Political Dirty Tricks and Police: Toronto detective faces charge of discipline for escaping private records of arrest

Toronto's fraudulent detective illegally dug up records of confidential arrests that were later used in a campaign of political blur and repeatedly lied about his activities, police agency said in a remarkable new report.

Ontario's Office of Independent Police Review Director (OIPRD) demanded disciplinary charges against the guard, accusing him of "serious" misuse of powers.

The agency has said that it is continuing to investigate a second police officer who has asked a detective to obtain information, and a civilian who shared it with numerous community leaders.

The initial report of the Office, the copy of which was received by the National Post, provides a first detailed account of the extraordinary political operation of the dirty tricks that police snooping allowed.

Campaign target – former conservative politician Nick Gahunia – told the office that his blur had "destroyed" him and ended his attempt to be a candidate for progressive conservative Brampton Center in the Ontario elections in June last June.

Gahunia – whose full name is Gurnek Gahunia Singh – said in an interview with the post office that the findings of the organization are alarming.

"Someone who is supposed to protect us is involved in criminal activities, which just amazes me," he said. "I want these guys to know it's not right, it can not do that, just because you have these powers, do not abuse them."

Gahunia says he does not know who's behind the campaign but says Det. Konst. Early Lum first searched his name on January 26, 2018, two days after Patrick Brown resigned as Conservative leader in Ontario. Gahunia says he has always been with Brown, now Brampton's mayor, and is currently working as a counselor at the City Hall.

"Someone left me and wanted to destroy my name."

The agency declares that he does not believe that Lum's claim that he thinks the police police that he obtained from the internal computer system would be used in a legal investigation.

Someone got me and wanted to destroy my name

"However, he continued to share the results of this check with an officer who on long-term leave had no police duty to exercise and no right to information."

The OIPRD ruled the Toronto police to organize a disciplinary hearing, but the force must first get permission from the city council because it took more than six months for the complaint to be investigated. Potential sanctions range from anchored wages and pauses to shooting.

Toronto police officers and OIPRD said they were not able to comment on the case. Lum did not respond to the messages he had left.

Gahunia was considered the front-runner at the Brampton Center nomination race, which recruited 3,000 riders from 5,000 members and was already the chairman of the Bicycle Association.

But at the end of April, packs containing copies of internal police reports were distributed, including the Mayor of Brampton Linda Jeffrey, the Sikh Temple, and the leaders of the Indian communities. The mission also received copies of the documents that preceded the appeal to "decaying rot".

They describe Gahunie's encounter with police for alleged credit card fraud when he was 18 years old and a traffic stop in 2016 when officers suspected of cocaine possession, but within half an hour they released Gahunii and other SUV passengers.

Gahunia had Peel's police to carry out a punishment check that returned without any charge or conviction and filed a leakage complaint. On April 21, however, Conservative President Jag Badwal said he was excluded from the race for a nomination at the Brampton Center, eventually winning Harjit Jaswal. Jaswal lost the NDP in the June election.

Lum was part of Toronto's Financial Criminal Police Department – an organized crime overseas fraud investigation called Fed Ex Operation, the report said when a second unknown officer approached him. Could Lem control Gahunii in a system that allows access to the reports submitted by forces across the country, he asked.

Lum, who earned $ 223,000 in the year 2017 on the public list of Ontario sun rays, told the agent the investigators that the second officer had repeatedly assured him that the information was for official police activity despite being on a holiday year.

When the detective pulled out two reports in February, Peel said in the computer system that Gahunia was "in the process" in his own investigation, and later admitted it was untrue.

First of all, the police station police station in Toronto asked the police station last October – five months after Peel's police turned down the case – Lum initially claimed he did not remember keeping records of the Gahunie name search. He later admitted he did, but he falsely suggested he was part of his fraud investigation, wrote the OIPRD.

Just before interviewing the watchdog agency on November 29, Lum again met with the holiday officer and asked him to go and explain what had happened. The officer refused and urged the detective not to tell anyone.

The document states that Lum has expressed remorse to the OIPRD investigators and "wished to express his sincere apologies" to Gahuna.

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