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Prepare for "ugly": Here's the morning's blow to what you expect from today's storm

Toronto is for another blast of winter weather on Tuesday.

The forecast is 15 to 25 cm snow and ice pellets, plus high wind and freezing rain.

Here's how to play the day:

Midnight to 7:00 – calm before the storm

Maybe it will not look much in the morning.

The day starts pale and cold – but do not be fooled. That snow is coming.

Meanwhile, the wind will lift up to about 50 km / h, said meteorologist Ryan Rozinskis from Canada.

Can you work from home today? The environment of Canada proposes to postpone an insignificant road – the roads will soon be covered with snow and sometimes will have almost zero visibility.

Make sure your office or school is open. Centennial College has already announced that it closes all campuses per day.

The snow should start at Hamilton and Kitchener around 6:00.

8:00 – Getting Started

Snow will begin to fall around 8:00 in Toronto – and it will be difficult from the beginning, says Rozinskis.

There will also be high winds, up to 80 km / h, with the strongest shocks along the shores of the lake.

This means that morning traffic peak may be difficult.

"We know that the number of fenders and fenders will increase," Sgt said. Brett Moore and the police in Toronto.

Slow down, he said on Twitter. And if you find yourself in a minor crash, take the car out of the way. Officers will be bound and will not be able to get to all the accidents quickly.

10 am.

Now the snow will flood the rest of the area of ​​York and Durham.

The city of Toronto says it will be defrosting, salting and plowing as needed during a storm. Here you can watch the snow plows of the city.

During the day there will be strong winds and it will be "unpleasant", says CBC meteorologist Colette Kennedy.

12 hours – Ice pellets come

Lunch can be a bit painful.

Snow may shift to ice pellets sometimes between noon and three hours, said Rozinskis, depending on where you are in GTA.

This means less snow blowing, but conditions on the road will still be bad.

1 afternoon. – Possible power outages

Be prepared for anything on the day of the storm.

In case of power outages, Toronto Hydro says that other crews will be ready on Tuesday.

2 pm – Chance of Rain

There is also a chance for frosty rain later in the afternoon, says the environment of Canada.

Together with ice pellets, the frosty rain could arrive between 2 and 7 o'clock.

Now the wind should be slightly weaker than on Tuesday morning – but it will still be as fast as 60 km / h to the evening.

Areas further west and south of Toronto, such as Kitchener and Hamilton, will see a longer period of chilling rain, Rozinskis said.

7 pm. – Good snow, my old friend

Ice pellets sometimes turn to snow on Tuesday night.

That snow will last on Tuesday night on Wednesday and gradually becomes lighter, Rozinskis said.

10 pm. – It's not over when it's over

Rozinskis warns about 5 to 10 cm of snow cover on Tuesday night and a total length of up to 25 cm per day.

And keep your hat – winds around 60 km / h should last in the evenings and in the middle.

The next morning

In the middle may be the snow season, but only up to 5 cm, said Rozinskis.

But getting on the next day can be rough.

Rozinskis recommends continually updating how the weather changes.

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