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Qualcomm – Apple dispute "on the threshold" for solution, chipmaker interested in working with Cupertino giant

There are numerous disputes and legal battles between Qualcomm and Apple after a conflict took place last October. Since then both have boycotted each other and Apple has stopped using their modems on the iPhone. Recently, Apple has launched new iPhone chip models made with Intel, with pure Qualcomm side by side. According to statistics, there are over 50 different cases in 16 different jurisdictions in six countries.

qualcomm mollenkopf

Well, in the midst of tension, Qualcomm has just released new reports on new collaboration with Apple. In a television show over CNBC, Qualcomm's chief executive, Mollenkopf said the company is "on the brink" of litigation with Apple. In the same program he spoke to Crammer, Mollenkopf added that despite the tension he still "speaks as a society".

Qualcomm's CEO eventually fired those golden words of settlement with Apple – much like this year or early next year. In fact, Mollenkopf said: "We always talked – I was very consistent – that … the second half of this year and next year is when we are really on the brink of finding a solution and seeing nothing but that."

Contrary to earlier reports of noncompliance between the two companies, a new statement of new expectations emerged. Instead of a lengthy attempt, they seem to have found a way between them and worked together without significant loss.

With respect to 5G technology CEO said Qualcomm "likes to work with Apple". The official words are as follows: "I think you always have the opportunity and the risk of having these big G transitions, or generation of wireless changes, " he told Cramer. "It's an opportunity to either stay behind or make sure you're part of this new generation, of course we're working with everyone, and we'd like to work with Apple."

Overall, this is good news for both societies because they seem to resolve the conflict without continuing the judicial fights that would make them more waste of time.

We expect Qualcomm to integrate its 5G compatible modem into the upcoming iPhone models by 2020, as there is no time left on the iPhone 2019.

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