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Raptors Green at Anthony Davis Business Speech: & # 39; Nobody feels a little safe &

No one does things when things are "as planned."

Toronto Raptors had a good thing. The all-star duo, enjoying playing side by side, as well as a few others, the head coach who stood the test of time, and wins over five-year seasons as opposed to any franchise they had seen earlier.

President Masai Ujiri has decided that this is not good enough. He wanted a great championship, and therefore traded with star DeMar DeRozan, someone whose name had become synonymous with the franchise, as a superstar at Kawhi Leonard of San Antonio Spurs. If Mr. "I Am Toronto" could trade, someone could do it.

So now with Anthony Davis they are trading with reputations in full tilt after his request for trading away from the New Orleans Pelicans and the odds listed by Raptors in a mix to the ground, the summer acquisition Danny Green recorded in the last episode of his podcast, Inside the Green Roomthat he had a little influence on his new teammate.

"It's a little different creature in another cloakroom, discussing this sort of thing or guys who feel a little upset or inconvenient or not quite safe. [In] San Antonio, we did not move or move things. Most of the guys felt pretty safe that it did not happen, no big changes.

"But here, you know, I feel it because of DeMar's situation, guys, no one feels a bit safe, we're practicing now, things are doing well, but we do not know exactly what will happen until the end of the trade. [make] jokes about it, but at the end of the day the boys know it's business and they know that most teams will not go through such a guy and many times it can be a piece that [could] be moved. The end of the day, by February, you can be in a completely new city with a whole new team. "

This is the reality of the NBA, but still it seems that someone gets used to becoming accustomed to players who have been franchiseed, who was excited about continuity and chemistry in the most successful period. But Ujiri and the rest of his presidency have shown that as trouble that shakes as emotion for business, bringing Larry O'Brien's trophy to Toronto remains the top priority, and nothing would happen to that end.

Ringer's Kevin O'Connor announced on January 29th that Raptors are expecting an offer alongside the Los Angeles Lakers, New York Knicks and Milwaukee Bucks. Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN announced on Thursday that Pelicans GM Dell Demps is avoiding calls from Lakers GM Rob Pelin and Raptors move a little further than they agreed to close the deal before the trading date on February 7. Remember, Boston Celtics are out of business due to Kyrie Irving's pink rule deal.

While the Pelicans seem to be in no hurry to make a deal and find that their summer summer is the best, Toronto suddenly came to the forefront of these superstar stores is an important step outside the box for years.

For Raptor players who can feel the heat of all these business interviews, it is certainly not the plan they have in mind.

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