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Residents of Missing N.W.T. charter flight believed dead, says RCMP

Two pilots who were caught from their charter flight went down the northwest, according to RCMP estimates.

King Air 200 from Air Tindi airport in Yellowknife headed to Whati – a small village 140 kilometers northwest of the capital – when it disappeared Wednesday morning. The pilots were the only ones on board.

The search aircraft found aircraft later near Behchoko, N.W.T., but the fate of the pilots was unknown.

Search and rescuers fell into the area at night, according to Canadian Canadian Air Force spokesman David Lavallee. Lavallee said Canadian guards from Behchoko could not reach the site due to deep snow and climate conditions.

Air President Martin Tindi Al Martin said on Thursday that the Corps of Investigation and Rescue Service had attempted to reach the aircraft overnight.

This evening there was not much we could do.– Al Martin, President Air Tindi

"This morning, we met again with the Emergency Response Team," Martin said.

"There was not much we could do tonight."

The RCMP on Thursday stated that the cause of the accident was an investigation, with the assistance of the police, N.W.T. Coroner Office and Transport Safety Committee (TSB).

TSB said the investigators are heading to "collect information and evaluate incidence."

Sgt. Alfred Beaverho, director of Canadian guardians at Whati, told CBC News that the plane was seen at Behchoko, N.W.T. (CBC)

Search is limited by weather conditions

Contact with the plane was lost sometime from 9:00 to 9:30 in local time, Wednesday, when it was about 24 to 32 miles off Whata, according to Martin.

The RCMP contacted the air force around noon, Lavallee said. C-130 Hercules was sent from Winnipeg to assist in the search, and Canadian guards were deployed on a snowmobile.

Looking through the morning and early afternoon, the Rangers returned to Whata to warm up and get more gas to avoid and continue searching, according to Rangers Sgt. Alfred Beaverho.

However, while they were planning their afternoon search, they got the word that the plane was seen.

According to Canada, Wednesday -23 ° C with snow blowing. Bad weather has made searching difficult, says RCMP.

Air Tindi flights were suspended on Wednesday.

The Canadian Armed Forces C-130 Hercules aircraft are repaired at Yellowknife Airport Thursday. Hercules was sent from Winnipeg to help find a charter aircraft that disappeared Wednesday in the northwest. (Randall McKenzie / CBC)

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