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Someone attacked printers around the world and invited people to subscribe to PewDiePie

Fighting who has the most subscribed channel on YouTube has come to the real world a month ago when fans of Felix "PewDiePie" Kjellberg started a campaign to raise awareness of a Swedish star. The task of affection was mostly good fun – but recently, people in the social media reported being attacked by someone calling them to sign up for PewDiePie.

Kjellberg has retained his status as the best channel on YouTube for many years, but his claim to the throne has become more and more vulnerable to the T-Series television station, which belongs to Indian music production companies. The growth of the T-Series in 2018 was explosive: it currently has over 72 million subscribers, with approximately 150,000 fans being assigned to Kjellberg. When evaluating the trajectory of T-series participants, a number of viewers estimate that the channel eventually depletes PewDiePie, but Kjellberg and his fans are fighting.

Kjellberg's recent recordings often include segments, asking fans to persuade people to sign up for it. As a result, PewDiePie fans have done everything from playing posters to gaming Kjellberg's racing against the T-Series in the club. One YouTuber launched a Europe-wide advertising campaign where they bought every billboard, radio spot and local TV spot available to support the PewDiePie channel. Together, the fans made sure that Kjellberg stayed just before the T-Series longer than anyone expected.

Over the last couple of days, Twitter users have been sending unsolicited prints from Internet printers that say PewDiePie needs help. "PewDiePie, which is currently the most subscribed to the YouTube channel, is losing its position as the number one position in an Indian company called the T-Series, which simply uploads videos of Bollywood trailers and campaigns, and informs people that they will sign up to Kjellberg and to "tell everyone you know" about the YouTube event, and finally, there is a "brothel" character, a gesture known to Kjellberg, whose screen shot has no specific origin, and Canada's users to the United Kingdom have reportedly received it.

The Twitter hacker is accountable for printouts and says this sensor is apparently their way of raising awareness of printer security.

According to tweets @ TheHackerGiraffe, they used an open network port that is available on hundreds of thousands of printers around the world. This is a known vulnerability that allows printers to receive data. To do this, the hacker claims to use a tool named PRET, which, according to its GitHub site, allows attackers to "capture[e] or manipulate[e] print jobs, access to the file system and printer memory, or even physical damage to your device. "

"The printer is exposed," TheHackerGiraffe told Twitter users. "I'm trying to warn you to shut it down, how else will I get your attention?"

"I thought it would not work if I did," said TheHackerGiraffe on Twitter. Border has reached the hacker's request for evidence that he has linked them to exploitation, and we update this post as soon as we hear it.

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