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Surviving Sun Yat-Sen Koi saved from the extinct otter

Two surviving Suny-Sen koi adults and hundreds of teenagers were rescued from a garden pond where at least 10 of their koi companions were picked up and buried by extortion of the otter.

Volunteers from AquaTerra Environmental, which specializes in fish conservation, and Vancouver Park staff moved this morning to a 30-meter-long lawn to catch the fish.

Koi prepares to ship to the Vancouver aquarium. (AquaTerra Environment)

"It was easy to capture them," said AquaTerra director Chris Lee. "We did a very wide pass, and they swam a little in their own rest together, they were in good shape, and there seemed to be no obvious signs of injury or stress."

Lee said employees and volunteers were pleasantly surprised by about 300 teenagers who were also rounded off in a half-hour operation.

"It's a nice story that there will be a lot of teenagers who will eventually grow up and be able to replace some of the adults they've learned," Lee said.

Volunteers from AquaTerra Environmental and Vancouver Park personnel removed 2 adult koi and approximately 300 juvenile koi from a pond in the Sun Yat-Sen garden in Chinatown and saved them from an otter that had previously consumed 10 valuable adult fish. (AquaTerra Environment)

The Park Council and the staff of the popular Chinatown Park lead a lost battle against an invader who moved almost two weeks ago. Some of the prized koi are – or have been – at least 50 years old, including a fish named Madonna whose fate is unknown.

Trapped koi were moved to a Vancouver aquarium today for safe storage and joined one adult koi who had previously been relocated.

Approximately 300 juvenile koi were also rounded up. (AquaTerra Environment)

The effort to capture the Otter is still under way.

Lee said his company voluntarily chose to save the kitten after hearing about what happened in the garden.

AquaTerra specializes in removing and moving live fish from watercourses where work is done.

Vydry did not comment during today's rescue mission.

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