Teledyne image sensors feed cameras on NASA Mars

Teledyne DALSA, Teledyne Technologies and world leader in digital imaging, took part in the NASA InSight initiative on Mars by providing color CCD image sensors for both the Instrument Deployment Camera (IDC) and the camera.

Teledyne has collaborated with Jet Propulsion Labs (JPL) laboratories to supply color image sensors for powering InSight missions. The Lander's camera provides a 3D color view of the landing location, location of the devices, and activities to inform engineers and scientists about the best locations for a seismometer and a heat probe to get measurements from the interior of Mars.

Teledyne Display Area and Defense Group

Teledyne image sensors are not new to Mars. Already in 2012 and in an earlier partnership with JPL, the company provided twelve black-and-white CCD image sensors that helped Mars Rover's "Curiosity". The Teledyne Imaging Space & Defense Group, which is made up of Teledyne DALSA, Teledyne e2v and Teledyne Imaging & Scientific, is renowned for providing innovative imaging and camera solutions for space exploration that have capabilities across the spectrum from infrared to x-ray imaging.

"We are pleased to have signed up for our partner JPL," said Edwin Roks, president of Teledyne Digital Imaging. "We expect this mission to tell us a lot about the origin of Mars and actually about creating our own planet."

While the InSight landing facility immediately commenced surface operations, collecting data from science began foolily 10 weeks after landing. Teledyne's image sensors will play an important role in helping scientists and engineers decide where to place highly specialized tools to inform about the best results of the Martian interior study.

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