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The first Burberry, now Justin Bieber's Drew Champions Beige Trend

ANDJustin Bieber finally unveiled the first appearance of its fashion brand Drew, which was characterized by the slow release of the strategy of logging and branding through Instagram. He kept his finger firmly on the trend pulse during the early phases of the collection; it seemed like Bieber, like many brands, a beige win like the shade of spring / summer 2019.

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Drew looks like Ricardo Tisci is less for Burberry (a man who produced a beige color proposal for a new season) and more Yeezy. Think about clothing – meets skatewear in a smorgasbod of brown, except a loud yellow smiley.

In the range of 48 to 148 dollars of camels and emoji-emblazoned bases, there are even a pair of terry slipper slippers for shoppers who want to use in full Bieber appearance. It's in the "About Us" section that Beiber's voice really comes as a creative director. "Drew's House is a place where you can be alone." Blah blah blah blahsdbksjdfl Wear as if you did not care. Get out of the way you want, but Beiber has a helping hand to Hollywood mega stylist Karel Welch and counts that @drewhouse Instagram accounts are getting higher.

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